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Client is running an NGO in Europe to feed needy people by utilizing perfectly valid dated, edible food that is being destroyed unnecessarily. Strict compliance rules on validity and quality of food encourages timely destroy of abundant food items. NGO address the issue by meaningful consumption by disadvantaged people instead.

Business Need

Client wanted to create a social cause platform to showcase his NGO activities, Portfolio and Achievements. It should be built on latest technologies and allow multilingual dynamic enterprise content management across Europe.

Client Situation

Client feels it’s possible to have a non-profit mission for welfare of EU society where each country has their own standards. CMS website as a promotional platform (Content Management System) across EU countries could play a vital role for the charity cause.


  • Typo3
  • Typo Script
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
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Recommended Solution

Keeping our vision alive on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), WeblineIndia delivered a robust solution to meet client’s expectations. CMS development team developed custom compatible extensions which are otherwise not readily available in the market on latest technologies.

Salient Features:

  • Developed the platform using latest Typo3 CMS version and custom compatible extensions.
  • Implemented custom theme in Typo3 and assigned CMS content based on the sitemap
  • Custom module for Slick Slider and Header Banners for Home Page
  • Custom module for Menu integration
  • Custom module for Contact Page and displayed multiple location with Google Map API


  • A multilingual platform helped to spread humanity cause and to gain momentum through more and more community awareness.
  • Custom module support with latest Typo3 CMS version to meet client objectives.
  • Custom theme with dynamic module and content integration

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