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Client is a stakeholder of a leading financial services company in US.

Business Need

Client wanted to implement RPA to harness the power of Automation in his organization.The digital workforce should lower down the process disruptions and help to meet corporate productivity goals.

Client Situation

Client realized that there were many human-resource intensive processes present in almost every department of the organization. For example, one has to navigate an Email, find an attached PO (Purchase Order), download and access the details, file the same into corresponding online tool and so on. Even, this time-consuming task leads to lower data throughput and in turn, poor productivity! It is critical to automate them and stay relevant in competitive age of digital transformation.


RPA Tool/Platform: UiPath

  • RPA execution infrastructure setup
  • Web and Desktop software setup/integration
  • RPA Processors configuration
  • RPA Execution Orchestration configuration
  • Software Bots configuration
  • RPA Logs/Analytics configuration
  • SalesForce integration
  • Version Control integration
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Recommended Solution

With best practices on RPA Implementation, team at WeblineIndia worked deeper to evaluate the suitable RPA solution that meets client expectations. It involved detailed planning like selection of only processes that can be automated, risks involved, Tool selection, RPA Bots creation, pilot and actual execution. Factors evaluated during Tool selection were total cost, ease of use, security, integration features, cognitive automation capabilities, recorder features being offered etc.

Team implemented different Digital Workers for repetitive manual processes like navigate various Emails, extract the Purchase Orders, access details for further data processing like merging data from all sources of enterprise, transformation and reconciliation of data etc. Further, decision based UI interactions to input data to online PO forms and Email notification upon respective task completion.

Implementation of Key Features includes

  • Interactions via screen scraping & API integration with AWS Cloud, Excel, IE, Citrix
  • Improved decision making through Cognitive Intelligence
  • Simple interface for quick Bot creation
  • Dynamically upscale/downscale RPA Bots as per need
  • Transform scanned attachments into actionable Purchase Order data for further usage
  • Auto mining all PO records till date for BI and analytics
  • Compliance verification of all details being automated
  • Automatic Bots re-calibration according to application updates
  • Unattended ML models to self optimize automation processes


Company wide RPA implementation procured high ROI with huge cost savings.

  • Reduction of labor errors; Happier Client!
  • Annual savings increased by 2-folds
  • Reduced need of FTE efforts with more Digital Workforce. 50% reduction in effort which is equivalent to 30 FTEs
  • Reduced TAT (Turnaround time)
  • 40 processes automated with 20 Bots
  • 20% average effort reduction per process
  • Digital log files (Audit Trail) of all activities. Reduced compliance risks

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