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A major educational institute in the US, the client was established to provide unique platform for Webinars, Videos, Online Courses, EBooks and Software to the students or visitor in the region.

Business Need

Client wanted to develop a SaaS based Virtual Workspace for collaboration including Live Webinar & Quiz Management features for Education domain.

Client Situation

Client was aware of various challenges faced while attending training/seminars etc at stipulated time and venue.

Client wanted to come up with a solution that overcomes constraint of physical presence by providing virtual classes/training programs for different type of audience.


PHP/Drupal7, Javascript, Bootstrap3, HTML5, CSS3

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Recommended Solution

Developed and delivered a web application based on custom SaaS model to manage Virtual Workspaces.

  • Developed Drupal based module for online quiz management.
  • Implemented WordPress based live Webinar plug-in
  • Developed custom virtual workspace facility for authorized clients by using FTP server/protocols to provide document sharing service.


Client was delighted with new platform that allows him to easily manage virtual workspaces along with other add-on facilities

Few highlights –

  • Portal has rich facility of Virtual Workspaces
  • Interface to integrate Webinar with the existing systems
  • Webinars, Quiz, EBooks, Video management

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