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A multinational Logistics company with the head office in California, USA that provides solutions to effectively handle the challenges in the logistics and cargo industries.


Business Need

Client was looking for a warehouse and transportation management system for third-party logistics (3PL) companies. The system was required to handle workflow and issues related to shipments aggregation, inventory management and timely delivery to the destination point.

Client Situation

With business growth, the traditional supply chain and logistics process became complex and the client required a full-cycle system that would improve customer service and ensure on-time goods delivery and at minimum possible cost. The supply chain management system should be designed to make the transportation and logistics process transparent and simple. It should provide integration with 3rd party applications for order processing and inventory management, warehouse and transportation management.

The customer requested WeblineIndia, a RelyShore Software Development Company, to develop an easy-to-use app that would speed up cargo processing, provide real time information on freight tracking, remove paper work and replace bunches of paper documents with electronic data, and finally reduce mistakes caused by invalid/missing information. Sharing TMS and WMS information in real-time should be one of the key features for this supply chain management application.


  • Android App
  • .NET
  • MongoDB
  • Angular.js
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Recommended Solution

  • Developed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) & Transportation Management Software (TMS) targeted for end to end supply chain.
  • The system was required to be created in accordance with the latest and innovative IT and design trends.
  • The system had features like inbound/ outbound goods processing, cargo snapshots to record damages, cross-docking enablement, storage optimization and warehouse KPI reports generation.
  • The system also included features for document management, shipping compliance management, load planning, claims management, carrier performance reporting, GPS tracking.
  • The application has scheduler for scheduling goods delivery and shipments aggregation.
  • Integration of barcode scanner and geo-location tracking software tool for order processing and inventory management.
  • Once the goods is with 3PL company, the sender can track (using GPS technology) them on the online map and get information about the current goods location and estimated time to deliver them.
  • The system allows seamless data transfer between WMS and TMS and integrates tools of 3rd party companies.


Our expertise and efforts resulted into a powerful cloud-based logistics and supply chain management application built in full compliance with customer needs.

  • The system makes cargo transportation process simple, transparent and reduces time for documents processing. It also boosts operational efficiency and improves customer service.
  • The logistics and supply chain management system provides cross-browser support and works both, the on desktop and mobile devices.

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