About .NET Services

.NET offers Windows services and Web Services or APIs. Windows service is nothing but the component from Microsoft Windows which works to create long-running processes. They are the services which run in the background and processes without user intervention. On the other hand, web service is a method where two software can connect with each other over WWW - the World Wide Web. The web services can be accessed in different formats like XML, HTTP and SOAP.

Why .NET Services?

.NET services are quite popular these days. The development of Windows-based services and web-based services are on rise. The users can easily make use of the services without having to look into the implementation details or know how they work in the first place. There are few advantages of going for .NET services and they are:

  • Makes communication between applications easier
  • Rapid development
  • Easy to distribute information
  • Less cost and easy maintenance
  • Web services enjoy data interoperability due to XML use
  • Lightweight architecture
  • Less application and image loading time
  • .NET APIs comes with built-in testing feature which detects mistakes automatically while coding
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Why .NET Services with WeblineIndia?

WeblineIndia offers effective Windows and web services to its clients. Our team understands the business requirements and comes up with .NET services which can turn out to be helpful to improve their businesses processes. Our web service development is carried out in such a way that users can access them through web protocols and data formats like XML, HTTP and SOAP. We put in our efforts to come up with lightweight APIs which will benefit you more. The Windows services are developed brilliantly and they run on the system without bothering the users. We offer services for ASP .NET Web Services, WCF Services, WCF Data Services, REST / Web APIs, JSON, ODATA.

Services Offered by WeblineIndia

Windows Service

The Windows services help you to create applications which executes in their own sessions. When your computer boots, these services, starts own its own. They come with no individual user interface. Such kind of services can be ideal in a situation where you need to have the functionality which runs for a long time without interfering with other users on same system. At WeblineIndia, we have a team of developers who are skilled to develop Windows services. We have good number of experience in developing windows service applications in external application database integration, database synchronization, calendar synchronization, file management server management services, desktop job services, network service development and much more. Apart from focusing on the technical aspect of the project, our team ensures to apply the insights on the business side of the app. This makes it possible to build and deliver right kind of services.

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Web service is a term used for inter-operable application components, which makes use of a standard method of communication using different open protocols for the devices connected by internet. These applications can be web based, local or distributed. We have a rich resource with good years of experience in web service development on .NET framework. Through our expertise we have managed to meet the web service needs of a large number of global clients. By choosing WeblineIndia for web service development you will be able to have quality services at reduced costs. Through our services we ensure that businesses can have a smooth communication with their clients and team without worrying about the firewalls.

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Other Services

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • Platform flexibility
  • Works with Database Solutions
  • Offers Updated .NET Windows Services Development Solutions
  • API Development for Web-based Services
  • API for Cloud Computing
  • File Management Server Management Services
  • Integration of J2EE-based and .NET-based Web Services
  • Database Synchronization
  • API Development for Mobile Apps
  • Web API Integration and Development

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