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We use the term enterprise for large scale business, which simply points to the fact that enterprise solutions are nothing but, the business solutions which prefers large industry networks. At WeblineIndia, Enterprise solutions are developed in such a way that it can easily gather information from different business processes and databases to integrate multiple areas of the business.


Outsource DevOps Services

Leverage the power of cloud adoption, automation, collaboration, and monitoring by outsourcing DevOps services. DevOps is a software development and operations tool that facilitates continuous development, continuous integration (cd ci), continuous deployment, operational efficiency, and faster turn-around. We automate end-to-end delivery pipeline and offer innovative services to improve the adoption and implementation of DevOps services.

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Dynamic CRM Development

Today Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most commonly used software by businesses to boost sales, carry out advertising activities and offer better customer service. This software is used by organizations irrespective of its size. By using the software, the users get to access the most important features that helps them to improve the workflow as well as work towards better client interactions.

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Amazon Cloud Development

Today, Cloud Computing implementation has become predominantly used application by big enterprises as well as SMBs. The main reason being that, it allows them to keep all their crucial data at the cloud whilst maintaining the confidentiality. AWS has revolutionized the way agencies consider cloud, bringing a tide of change by allowing them to launch their application online, in a clean and cost-efficient manner.

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Microsoft Azure Development

Windows Azure, a product by Microsoft is an exceedingly easy-going cloud-computing platform which allows constructing cloud based applications in addition to deploying and handling them. With Azure, developers get IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Model, similar to Rackspace and Amazon EC2. Azure offers models for tracking, accessing and coping with far off storage, data center infrastructures and networking services (e.g. DNS, firewalls, VPN). Instead of getting to purchase hardware directly, customers can scale IaaS entirely based on their usage.

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Big Data Development

The idea of Big Data has been around for years; most organizations now realize the fact that if they seize all of the information that streams into their groups, they are able to apply analytics and get tremendous value from it. But even in the 1950s, many years before all of us uttered the term “Big Data,” companies were using fundamental analytics (basically numbers in a spreadsheet that were manually tested) to discover insights and traits.

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Liferay Development

Liferay is a lightweight, interoperable Open Source platform with a flexible architecture and an outstanding product roadmap. It provides a very secure, reliable platform to create attractive experiences for web, and mobile devices. Companies globally, have been using Liferay Portal because of its high-end functionality, compatibility with most principal application servers and database structures, and scalability.

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Alfresco Development

Alfresco record management Service is a modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, which contains a number of activities. Some of them are web content management, record management, document management, collaborative content management, etc.

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SharePoint Development

SharePoint is known for its top notch capabilities as a record control platform. With time, it has emerged lot more than a Content Management and Documentation Management tool - with more sharp and interactive features for CMS development, Business Intelligence integration, Workflows technology, Performance Point offerings and offering dynamic integration.

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Server Upgrade & Migration

Server Upgrade & Migration Services

To develop revolutionary solutions, groups are challenged to enforce new avenues in terms of upgrading their infrastructures with new functionalities and capabilities. Server Upgrade or Migration services are a complex task and require thorough configuration plans and expert task execution. The clients face problems in ensuring least downtime, a clean transition and successful improvement / migration also ensuring that the present gadget remains intact.

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SQL Databases

SQL Database Solutions

MS SQL Server is a database server and product of Microsoft. This is a relational database management system and it powers user to compose queries and other SQL statements and execute them. With MS SQL database you can store any type of data as per your preference. Microsoft SQL Server database can be used as a complete business intelligence platform. This platform permits you to import data from databases and other systems, analyze it, and generate reports from that data.

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NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Database Solutions

The shift from SQL to NoSQL database suggests the changing needs of the users. Compared to the relational database, NoSQL database come with certain features like versatility, accessibility, highly scalable, cost-efficient and unique approach for comprehensive opportunities. Moreover, it offer endless secured spaces to store, reach and modify all the data that isn’t structured as that in traditional relational ones. These databases handled many challenging hurdles including – large quantities of data generation and exchange in eCommerce websites, social media platforms or any data-intensive site / search engine.

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