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Why Liferay Development with WeblineIndia?

WeblineIndia deliver websites, cutting-edge & cloud-supported enterprise portals, social collaboration platforms, and web applications that are compatible with major servers and databases. We have a Liferay development team possessing ability to provide modern and cost-effective solutions primarily based on Liferay portal platform. Our Liferay portal development services encompass huge range of end-to-end Liferay development in addition with Liferay customization, Liferay portal development, etc.

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Top Liferay Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

Liferay Consulting Services

A WeblineIndia consultancy service on Liferay improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the software environments. Our onsite and offshore consulting knowledge adds values to your present methods and commercial enterprise demands. You can anytime hire our services to bring a change.

Liferay Consulting

At WeblineIndia we adopt a client-centric approach and therefore customization becomes an important aspect of our services. We consider that each company has unique desires, whether or not incorporating new features, or altering the features of the prevailing software program.

Liferay Development

WeblineIndia offers a number of end-to-end Liferay services and we have better experience in handling portal upgrade services from older to newer versions. We also offer service in migrating from different portals like Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere and others -all with ease.

Liferay Migration

Website needs to perform in the most promising manner and so performance tuning is very important. The moment the load on the website increases it will affect the performance. We offer performance tuning service which focuses to improve user experience with some techniques and tweaks.

Liferay Performance Tuning

WeblineIndia understands that reliable and excellent working website is important for business success. To ensure that we offer a number of services which helps to improve website efficiency through technical support, portfolio service, issue resolving, etc. We let you hire developers if you plan to go for regular support services.

Liferay Support Maintenance

Other Liferay Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • Liferay Portal Maintenance and Support
  • Liferay portal integration with content management systems, payment gateways, and other enterprise applications.
  • Performance tuning using JVM tuning, Caching, etc. of Liferay portal
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Front-end theme development

Hire Liferay Developers

Hire Liferay Developers Liferay is a lightweight, interoperable open source platform with a flexible architecture and an outstanding product roadmap. It provides a very secure, reliable platform to create attractive experiences for web, and mobile devices. Companies globally, have been using Liferay Portal because of its high-end functionality, compatibility with most principal application servers and database structures, and scalability. WeblineIndia offers Liferay development services to clients across the world. We ensure to have a smooth service by offering RelyShore℠ (reliable offshore) solutions.

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Why Liferay Development?

In today’s world , developing an enterprise portal becomes much simpler as Liferay is a framework that caught huge attention of people worldwide. Some additional features of Liferay are as follows:

Simplified UI Development

Liferay portal makes the development smooth for channel, internal and external websites. Most of these websites are of the kind which allows the users to login to receive personalized services. Such kind of websites require a workflow which follows an approval process to integrate or aggregate different services.

Flexible Enterprise Integration Framework

Liferay Portal is a platform of central presentation layer which allows administrators, users and developers to integrate services and content from legacy applications or backend. It supports different methods to integrate which includes REST, SOAP, RSS and APIs.

Liferay Tools

Compared to other portals in the market, Liferay Portal offers maximum number of portlets. You can customize your work environment by choosing from over 60. Here it includes Liferay Collaboration and Liferay CMS offering content management, web publishing, social networking and collaboration.

Custom Fields

Without having the need to modify the database, administrators can customize, add, edit and change the user attributes directly. Liferay 6 extends this support to web content, pages, documents, blog entries, bookmarks and its folders, wiki oages, forum messages and calendar events.

User Personalization

Depending on the things that the administrator allows, users can work on the portal pages for some personalization by positioning content or portlet attributes, adding or removing them. You can keep the pages private or public.

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