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Why Microservices Architecture Development with WeblineIndia?

We at WeblineIndia have some of the best developers who are fully apt with Microservices architecture and can easily understand your business process and work on the complexities accordingly. Whether you are a small or growing business or a huge business entity, we have favorable solutions for you. We understand the nature of software solutions as we have more than 18 years of experience in IT field.

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Top Microservices Architecture Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

Microservices Consulting

WeblineIndia offers complete and satisfying consulting to the clients about Microservice Architecture as to when and how it should be chosen. Our developers are highly trained and are capable of choosing the right kind of services which can match your business needs.

Microservices Consulting

Different businesses have different needs and based on that understanding, WeblineIndia developers offer efforts to find where you need to apply microservices for the betterment of your business. We also offer identification of needs, process analysis, risk management and customized IT project management methodologies reports.

Business Analysis

WeblineIndia team helps in choosing the correct API gateway like KONG / APIGEE that is the single entry point for all your webservices. It also offers a way to glue various microservices and expose as a single webserivce which maybe be very important for a given web application.

API Gateway Selection

The developing team of WeblineIndia helps in choosing the correct container deployment model using either DOCKER or OpenShift. This platform ensures that hassle of managing the deployment dependencies and the infra management cost is reduced.

Service Deployment Platform

Whether you have .NET or JAVA based software solutions, WeblineIndia developers are capable of offering solutions based on the kind of the technology you use for your business software. You can even hire developers from us for your project as a part of offshore development basis.

Offers Platform Based Service

Other Microservices Architecture Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • Microservice Integration
  • Microservice Custom App Development
  • Microsservices solutions for all size of businesses
  • Business Success Models
  • Microservices Maintenance Service

Why Microservices Architecture Development?

Completing a small task and then messing up things during the integration is the last thing a developer wants. Microservices solutions takes care of it very well. Microservice facilitates a developer and user in following way:

Breaks App into Components

Microservice counters the problem of complexities. This issue is handled by breaking one huge monolithic app into different components or set of services. WeblineIndia developers are capable of taking proper steps to break the app into different components.


A small change made to an application will lead to the scaling of the complete application rather than concentrating n the required part. This leads to the use of greater resources. With Microservices you will be able to scale that particular area. Our developers are expert in making changes and deplying the service without disturbing the system.

Helps Develop A Team

The Developing team can focus on single service independently, without being bogged down about the complex business flow of the coding. This ensures that the development parts are not disturbed when making changes to the application.

Scalability and Deployment Feature

Microservices Architecture pattern helps to deploy each microservice independently. The Microservices Architecture pattern enables each service to be scaled independently depending on the business needs.

Build on Event Driven Model Concept

Microservices can be designed with concept of Event Driven Model which helps to respond based on events instead of hard wired flows. WeblineIndia developers have the expertise of working on such kind of projects and offering favorable solutions.

Hire Microservices Architecture Developers

Microservices is service-oriented architecture (SOA) which have collection of loosely coupled services. The benefit of decomposing an application into different smaller services is that it improves modularity and makes the application easier to understand, develop and test. WeblineIndia offers effective Microservices architecture to different businesses as a part of its RelyShore℠ model. You can hire developers from WeblineIndia at affordable rates for your business project.

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