About Mobile Testing

Like Mobile app development, Mobile Testing is also very crucial part of development. There are various tools by which we can test any application on any smart phone. The companies themselves develop these tools. Using these tools company check different aspects of the Performance test, automation test, etc.

Why Mobile Testing?

Mobile App development is one of the biggest markets in IT industry. Today as many companies are developing mobile apps and devices, it has become essential to test them first before they hit the market. Testing has become so important that many of the IT firms focus only on testing than developing.

Some of The Advantages of Opting for Mobile Testing are:

  • Manual Testing: Manual testing includes, Functional testing, interrupt testing, cross-platform testing, Integration testing, Localization testing, Usability testing, Security testing, etc.
  • Automation testing: Automation testing is about the testing of tool selection, test scripts, execution of scripts, reporting them, etc.
  • Performance testing: Performance testing mainly does workload analysis and designing test scenarios. It also records and runs the script to double check the performance.
  • Speed Testing: Speed test checks the speed of the app opening and closing; it also checks the speed of execution of instructions.
  • Memory Testing: Memory testing tests the memory efficiency of the app. It mainly checks how the app uses primary, secondary and cache memory of the device while running.

Why Mobile Testing with WeblineIndia?

Testing Mobile apps with WeblineIndia is very easy as we use Cloud based mobile testing application. Here we have tested over 2000 devices. With our unique platform, mobile application testing at WeblineIndia is faster than any other platforms. Accelerate your testing using our reusable test asset Library.

Services Offered by WeblineIndia

Enterprise Application Testing

Enterprise Application Testing

Enterprise application testing acts as a backbone to businesses across many industries. We have a talented QA team and supporting Infrastructure to Test.

Functional Testing

Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing

We have a dedicated and experienced team of engineers to test web based technologies. We have delivered many projects to many clients across the globe.

Performance Testing

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop Application Testing

With 5+ years of experience, our testing team tests the desktop applications using our unique desktop application testing software available in the cloud.

Security Testing

IoT App Testing

IoT App Testing

Our team is very much experienced in using different automation tools for testing. This helps them find and solve issues and thus deliver the best.

Usability Testing

Platform Testing

Platform Testing

We have many experienced developers who can test a broad range of platforms like Android, iOS, Cross Platforms like Java, etc. Testing a platform can help make the application development better.

Usability Testing

Other Services

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • Mobile Games Testing
  • Mobile Healthcare Testing
  • eLearning Platform Testing
  • Mobile Network Testing
  • Device Compatibility Testing

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