About MODX Development

MODX, an open-source CMS software for enterprises of all sizes, has been accepted and being used by millions across the globe. These can be used on both; own servers and cloud hosting platform.With help of MODX, numerous organizations have got their websites created, updated and maintained that are blistering fast, well secure and easily scalable.

Why MODX Development?

MODX presents a range of features & benefits to the businesses that make use of this platform. MODX presents a broad range of features, and powers quite a few content-driven sites on the web. It is the ideal platform for a business that wants to develop a content-driven website that goes beyond being just a blog. It is flexible, and lets you do far more with your site. That is one reason that makes MODX stand out. Here’s a brief account of those features & benefits:

  • User-Friendly: Manage your Content with Ease
  • Open Source
  • Easy Integration with Social Media
  • Customizable Template System
  • Large Community: Easy to Get Assistance for Challenges that Arrive on The Way
  • Numerous Existing Add-Ons
  • Rapid Graphic User Interface (GUI) Based Web Installer
  • Flexibility & Customization
  • Preset Fields for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why MODX Development With WeblineIndia?

We have been offering custom MODX development services at WeblineIndia ever since the time it first hit the markets in 2006. This is because we have always been convinced about the potential of this content application platform. With help of MODX, we have got numerous organizations their websites created, updated and maintained that are blistering fast, well secure and easily scalable. From large-scale CMS migrations to creating high performing marketing websites, we ensure online success for you.

Services Offered by WeblineIndia

MODX Installation

MODX Installation

We at WeblineIndia have a dedicated team of skilled developers who can easily install MODX to your website. Our developers utilize their talent to make your website work in a hassle free manner.

MODX Installation

MODX Configuration

MODX Configuration

WeblineIndia's developers are always available to configure the MODX according to your website and application.


MODX Web Development

MODX Web Development

Our MODX professionals are skilled and have years of experience in building Web 2.0 sites which are customized as per the business needs.


MODX Template Design

MODX Template Design

If you want your website to look a million dollars, our expert designers can help you do just that. With our custom MODX themes, we craft a website look that matches with your brand and your goals.


Other Services

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • MODX Custom Development
  • MODX Theme Modifications
  • MODX Extension Installation
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Redesign & Upgrade MODX Website



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