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About Project

This banking platform provides all facility of a Bank directly through mobile application. It provides all functionalities related to banking services like creating new account (Saving and Current), managing transaction, managing money transfer etc. It provides platform to pay bills, book tickets & flights, topup your mobile and lot more. It analyses all the data of customer like point of interest, store visited, transnational data, location based data and many other to generate different type of analytical reports and provide customer best user experience to manage his expenses and view past action history. It also gives suggestion & offers based on point of interest and expenses in relevant stores. All different features available in this platform are loosely coupled based on micro service architecture so any service can run individually without any supporting service which makes maintenance process very easy.

Digital Banking


  • Customer Management
  • Banking Management
  • Transaction & History Management
  • Fund/Money Transfer Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Bill Management
  • Booking Management
  • View Dynamic Reports
  • Mobile Recharge


  • Spring Boot
  • Kafkaq
  • MongoDB
  • Micro Services
  • AWS
  • EMR
  • Elastic Search

Important Achievement

Implementation of Micro service Architecture.
BVN Validation & Security features.

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