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About Project

Financial Advisor is the largest real estate and tax valuation platform with knowledge, experience, and a reputation for high-quality results. Today, this platform is recognized as both an authority and a leader in the valuation industry.
Financial Advisor offers examples of valuation problems and challenges creatively solved by Financial Advisor on behalf of its clients. It is collection of archived Financial Advisor’s alerts and articles covering a broad range of valuation topics and Tax Court decisions, written by the platform’s valuation experts and those directly involved in valuation engagements.

Financial Advisor App


  • Manage Financial Info
  • Articles Management
  • Alert for valuation topics and Tax Court decisions
  • ACL based Admin Platform


  • Objective C
  • Xcode IDE 7.3
  • Apple iOS SDK 9.0
  • Android SDK 2.1
  • Android Studio
  • Core PHP
  • MySQL

Important Achievement

AFNetworking for calling the APIs.
JASidePanel for side menu.
retrofit 1.9.0 third party APIs for Android.
Integration with core PHP for backend support.
Data conversion while getting response from APIs.

Client Speaks

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