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About Project

Gym Management App provides handy tool to keep track of daily life exercise. This is the app that changes the way of Gym Management. Using this App Coaches can organize their teams and their fitness practices. The app efficiently allows coaches to make practice agendas, injury reports, and track both attendance and skill building right on their phone. With this App, coaches can handle exercise tracking, improved due diligence in ensuring prerequisite completion, document warm ups and drills, track athlete involvement and identify areas for improvements in terms of ensuring athlete safety. Relevant statistics for team will be available on the Gym Management Mobile App, along with the community forum.

Gym Management App


  • Coaches Management
  • Athlete Management
  • Training & Plan Management
  • Schedule & Event Management
  • Attendance Tracking & Management
  • Real-Time Reporting & Management
  • Athlete Performance Tracking
  • Notification/Alert Management


  • Phonegap
  • JQuery Mobile
  • PHP

Important Achievement

Advance Skill Assessment Report.
Calendar based on Event Listing.
Scrolling effect with refresh feature

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