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Why Serverless Architecture Development with WeblineIndia?

WeblineIndia is one of the most prominent offshore brand offering Serverless Architecture services. The developers of our organization have an ample amount of experience in providing services under the tag of Serverless Architecture. We offer reliable offshore development services under the RelyShore℠ model and you can easily hire our developers based on your requirement.

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Top Serverless Architecture Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

Serverless Application Using Amazon AWS Lambda Functions

WeblineIndia has highly experienced developers to develop your new application using AWS Lambda functions in conjunction with AWS S3 and any AWS RDS( MySQL/Oracle/MSSQL) or AWS NoSQL (MongoDB/RedShift). This helps in reducing time to market of your new web application and which can scale.

Serverless Application Using Amazon AWS Lambda Functions

WeblineIndia has a pool of developers who can smoothly integrate MS Azure function to your website. This helps your website to collect, model and visualize your data in an efficient manner. This means you can easily hire developers for offshore projects from us.

Serverless Application Using Microsoft Azure Functions

We at WeblineIndia can land your web application on Google cloud server which can lay you off from the headache of thinking about the server code over and over again. This can make your application accessible when needed.

Serverless Application Using Google Cloud Functions

WeblineIndia’s skilled engineers have experience in using SpringBoot to develop microservice, which enables you to have a scalable web application which in turn helps you to have better profit.

J2EE / SpringBoot to Build Microservices Enabled Application

WeblineIndia offers Laravel Lumen Framework in order to provide you the fastest service to support your web application. We have a dedicated team of developers who can provide hassle free apps using this framework.

PHP Application Development Using Laravel Lumen Framework

Other Serverless Architecture Development Services Offered by WeblineIndia

WeblineIndia also offer services like:

  • Development using Iron functions
  • Consultation on choosing the right Cloud platform between AWS/Microsoft Azure and & Google Cloud
  • Documentation & community support
  • Continuous application scaling
  • Deployment & Maintenance on cloud platform

Why Serverless Architecture Development?

By opting for Servless Architecture you are saved from the headache of taking care of physical ones. There are more benefits of going for it. Let's have a look on the advantages of Serverless Architecture:

Reduced Time to Hit Online

Developers can develop functions, without waiting for the completion of the entire software, and host them on the cloud with ease. This enables faster debugging and delivery of changes. Moreover, our experienced developers will be able to deliver the best in no time.

Reduced Cost

When functions and micro-services are availed from third-party service providers, the set up and maintenance cost of the services rely completely on the service providers. This means you have to pay only for the runtime of the functions and not for under-utilized resources.


Micro-services have the ability to auto scale depending on the load on the server. We all want the app to be a huge hit but, is the app ready to take up the load is an important question. With Serverless Architecture you will not have worry about server loading.

Better User Experience

It is a fact that the kind of server you use does not matter the end user. They are only concerned about the experience they have on your site and the features you offer. With Serverless Architecture you will be able to focus on important elements which makes users happy.

Improves Geolocation and Latency

The scalability of the app depends on three things like users’ locations, number of users and network latency. Today apps are used by users across the world and so latencies may be created which can decrease experiences.

Hire Serverless Architecture Developers

Today, cloud services including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are broadly used as they offer on-demand availability of services and resources for all types of software programming needs. They are scalable, flexible and in-budget. Cloud computing is evolving rapidly and serverless structure is its new execution version. While in traditional application, server capacity and its involved maintenance is usually considered; in Serverless Architecture entire focus is only on the code. Keeping that in mind WeblineIndia offers RelyShore℠ Serverless Architecture solutions and you can hire developers as per your needs.

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