Software development teams need various resources & tools to get their jobs done, and there are plenty of options available on internet for free and paid.

Based on our years of experience in Software Development & IT Consulting, we have created few software development tools and resources to make life little easy of software developers. Check out and use it for FREE. Also let us know if you need any help in customizing these tools, we will be happy to help you.

My Browser Info

My Browser Info

My Browser Info is a FREE tool that tells you what user agent browser and version you are currently using, operating system and many other parameters.

My Browser Info, helps you save all the hassles and complicated steps to find out what versions of the software you have, what features are enabled on your browser & whether your web browser is up to date. In short, we help you focus on solving the problem.

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If you are a Mobile App Developer or QA Tester or a business owner building an iOS mobile app, then it’s common for iOS app developers to look for UDID of iOS device, as UDID is required to generate beta copies of iOS apps for you to install early versions on the devices to debug and test such mobile apps.

It’s a hassle to find UDID using iTunes, so we created this FREE Tool to Get UDID of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices by single tap without iTunes.


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