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About Web Testing

Web testing is an acronym used for testing the software based on web applications. Web testing examines different aspects for web applications like Security, functionality, accessibility to the different type of users, adaptability to many desktops, devices, and operating system. Web testing also includes Load testing which tests the ability of the application to handle traffic.

Why Web Testing?

Web testing is used to check or test various aspects of the Web applications. Web application testing includes Functionality testing, Usability testing, Interface testing, Compatibility testing, Load testing, stress testing, soak testing, spike testing, security testing, etc. To know whether a web application is ready to be launched in public or not, these tests are very crucial.

Some of the advantages of opting for Web Testing are:

  • Functionality: It is used to check if there are no dead pages or invalid directs. Also, to check validation of each field and verify the flow of the work of website.
  • Usability: Web testing is necessary to validate and test navigations and control. It is also used to check user intuition and content.
  • Performance: Performance testing is performed by testing four parameters like Load, Stress, Soak and Spike. It is mainly used to check the traffic handling, memory handling, capacity handling and load handling.
  • Security: Web testing is used to check whether the application is capable or secure enough to stay online without threats. It is basically used to check the vulnerabilities of the site.
  • Interface: Web testing also tests if all the sent requests are correctly sent to the database or not. It is also used to check the Web server and Database server.
Web Testing

Why Mobile Testing with WeblineIndia?

Do you frequently receive feedbacks like, the website is crashing all the time, some other site is opening when clicked on a particular link or if it is an e-commerce site then it is not able to handle more traffic on the days of sale? Come to WeblineIndia where we have many experienced engineers ready to solve all your web related issues.

Services Offered by WeblineIndia

Web Functionality Testing

Functionality test includes testing of all types of links like Outgoing links, Incoming links, Anchor Links and MailTo links. It makes sure none of these links are broken.

It includes testing of site navigation buttons like Menus, buttons, etc. and Content on the page. Mainly it checks for grammatical errors.

Interface testing tests areas like Application, Web server, and Data Base Server. It will test all the requests that are sent from the site and optimize them.

Database testing includes testing of errors coming while executing queries, maintaining data integrity, etc. It checks the query response time and fine tune it if necessary.

This test includes testing the site in different browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc. and Operating systems like MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Other Services

We also provide services like:

  • Web Performance Testing
  • Web Security Testing
  • Web Crowd Testing
  • Web Stability Testing
  • Web Animation Testing

Our Expertise in Tools and Technologies

Testing LevelsComponent, Integration, System and User Acceptance
Testing TypesFunctional, GUI, Responsive, Usability, Compatibility(Browser, OS, Device)
Test Case ManagementZephyr, TestRail, Testopia, MSExcel
Bug Tracking ToolsJIRA, TFS, Odoo, Redmine, Bugzilla, Mantis, MSExcel
AddonsFirebug, GTMetrix, YSlow, DRLINK, W3C Validator
Programming LanguagesJava, JavaScript
Web AutomationSelenium, Katalon Studio, HP UFT, Perfecto, BrowserStack

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