New in Snapchat: Replay and filters

Snapchat recently released comprehensive lift to its iOS and Android apps, allowing it to gain update to replay images along with many fresh filters. The later has ‘smart’ covers that touts of capturing time, temperature and also speed. Just rolled out feature of replay enables user to repeatedly see his received messages, when selected. But, this can only be used once in 24 hours, so user is required to wisely select the worthiest one to play again.

Google’s update and a blink for instant images

Google’s smart eyewear recently faced improvements in its software that allowed the wearer to click images by just blinking. Glass’ new move clearly shows hints to expand privacy matters that have already been in buzz for the innovate device. The new feature arrives with line of new betterments. “We’ve got a new setting that lets you quickly and easily capture the moments you care about with a simple wink of the eye,” a Wednesday post from Google Glass said.

Twitter in talks of coming out with ‘Nearby’ Feature

Twitter is said to be testing some new capabilities for extending its users with access to view tweets coming from their area. The “Nearby” feature is in buzz in few leading news agencies, can be a boon for users roaming around the city and are keen to know what the happenings are in their region in real-time. The giant tests this feature to enable users’ reach to post and see the location to their tweets from 2010. If not desired by the user, it is possible for him/her to turn the feature off from the privacy settings.

Twitter improves messaging, adds photos’ sending ability

Twitter, the social media giant has recently improved its messaging services by adding the capability to send photos. The move is an update in the Twitter app for iOS and Android mobile platforms launched on Tuesday. The service can be now viewed by users in a navigation space block available at the lower end of the home page. It is simple and very near to all Twitter users. Earlier, users needed to move to the “Me” area and via there to access the messaging services.

Apple’s Friday Offers omits all iPhone & the Retina Mini

Apple’s single day discount offer – once a year this time reveals gift coupons for iPads and the MacBook Pro. But, not all countries will be able to avail this offer. None of the Asian countries except Australia have excess to these offers. Actually the Apple’s discounts are not too attractive but they are obvious to drive too much of consumers.

Amazon’s Upcoming Kindle edition to unzip 300ppi display and other advanced features

Amazon is talked to bring out its next Kindle edition – Paperwhite in early next year. The boasting feature of this tab is its high resolution display of 300 ppi screen, which is expected to push the display into parallel grade with competing devices. Also, Paperwhite will bring some better features like front screen that is developed from matte finish glass and not plastic. The new device is also said to be light in weight than its preceding line-up.

Creative iPhone UI Design – Why it is Essential?

Is there any way out to get eye-engaging impression without having striking flawless UI? No, UI plays an imperative role in getting the most attraction and usability from the mobile users. iPhone is a smart device that owns extremely effective and swift mobility and app features that allows users to do all the tasks perfectly and speedily. Here, user interface is a major aspect that can push every task to happen in an easy and smooth manner.

Waze enters Windows Phone, as do a good number of downloads

Microsoft’s mobile platform has one more app now. Waze, the traffic and navigation app based on crowd is lately included in the Windows ecosphere. But, for now only the Windows Phone 8 will be able to use the app on their devices. It group-submitted alerts and notifications for some activities like traffic or crowd gatherings, police tasks, natural hazards, accidents and also the directions to the lowest rated petrol stations on the user’s way are involved in the Waze package offer.

Yahoo pledges to secure all activities of its users

Yahoo is extending its security terms and regulations to secure its users’ online actions from interfering with encryption over various interactions and other information waving into the giant’s data spaces around the universe. Company’s CEO Marissa Mayer unveiled this commitment post the declaration by NSA stating the tracking of communications by Yahoo and Google.

Sony’s PS4 jumps high and reaches 1 million in 24 hours

Sony’s newest gaming console has jumped high as never before with the sales figures reaching as high to 1 million in just 24 hours. PS4 – the awaited home gaming system has made a great start. Just in the regions of North America the hot product was sold more than 1 million in the first 24 hours. That was the never ever seen situation for any PS system. It is usual happens when big groups unveil next-generation devices, very few clients receive a lemon.

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