AngularJS Development - What, Why, Advantages and Disadvantages

If you walk back in time, you will remember how we used to have static pages on the web. HTML was the perfect template language that will be used to declare such static documents. However, web applications have taken over now, and they are way more interactive & dynamic. AngularJS is a structural framework that can be of help in using Single Page HTML for declaring dynamic views in web-apps. Put differently, this is a framework that stretches HTML’s syntax in order to let your app’s components be expressed clearly and precisely.

There are a range of benefits of this structural framework that make it the tool of choice for modern-day web applications. It is designed by Google, and that happens to be one of its prime advantages. There’s a large community to help new as well as honed developers in getting over challenging obstacles in their projects. This also means that clients get exactly what they are looking for. Developers also love its dependency injection as well as data binding, as this ensures that a large part of the code that a programmer will write is now eliminated / automated. For the clients, this can translate into valuable time saving. The higher level of abstraction it offers to programmers also goes a long way in simplifying app development, and reducing development time.

In short, AngularJS is attracting young programmers to learn the language and clients to use this framework for their all-important web app projects.

What is AngularJS used for?

The next question that you might ask is about where AngularJS is used. As mentioned earlier, it can come in handy with any dynamic application.

To clarify that further,

Let us take some of the live examples of popular apps that use AngularJS:

  • Video Streaming Apps

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? It is an incredible platform for uploading as well as streaming videos. Hence, it will be intriguing for you to note that YouTube’s app for Sony PS3 is developed with AngularJS. Another prime example of a video streaming app using AngularJS is that of

  • User-Review Applications

Customers are now extremely keen on reading reviews about a product or service before actually buying it. That helps them be sure about what they are investing their money in. AngularJS can proficiently support such applications. A case in point is the mobile site of GoodFilms that offers movie reviews to the users.

  • Travel Apps

AngularJS’s dynamic features can be the perfect match for travel applications. As an example, JetBlue’s website makes use of AngularJS too.

  • Weather Apps is one of the most renowned weather forecasting applications in the world. You will be pleased to note that it has been built using AngularJS.

  • User Generated Content Portals

If you want to create apps that offer user-generated content, AngularJS can again come in handy. Take the example of It is a platform for employers to post their projects and interested candidates to present their profiles for that. That website is built using AngularJS.

  • eCommerce

Various popular eCommerce sites have been developed with AngularJS.

  • Mobile Commerce

MallZee is one of the popular examples of a shopping app that has been created using AngularJS.

  • Social Apps

LinkedIn is one of the user of AngularJS for their all mobile end users.

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Advantages Of AngularJS Development

Here are some of the compelling advantages of AngularJS:

  • Built by Google

AngularJS has been developed as well as maintained by dedicated Google engineers. This means that there is a huge community out there for you to learn from. Apart from that, there are engineers that can help you tackle any challenges you face on the way. It also means that clients get what they want.

  • Great MVC

As mentioned earlier, most frameworks require programmers to splitting the app into multiple MVC components. After that, the programmer has to write a code to put them together again. AngularJS, however, strings it together automatically. That saves you time, and reduces the app’s time-to-market.

  • Intuitive

AngularJS is more intuitive as it makes use of HTML as a declarative language. Moreover, it is less brittle for reorganizing.

  • Comprehensive

AngularJS is a comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development. It does not need any other plugins or frameworks. Moreover, there are a range of other features that include Restful actions, data building, dependency injection, enterprise-level testing, etc.

  • Unit Testing Ready

AngularJS is unit testing ready, and that is one of its most compelling advantages.

Apart from these, there are a range of other advantages that make AngularJS as popular as it is.

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Disadvantages Of AngularJS Development

Along with advantages, you will always come across disadvantages of any platform. That’s the case with AngularJS too.

Here’s a compilation of some of the drawbacks of using AngularJS:

  • Confusion

There are multiple ways to do the same thing with AngularJS. Sometimes, it can be hard for novices to say which way is better for a task. Hence, it is imperative for programmers to develop an understanding of the various components and how they help.

  • Lagging UI

If there are more than 2000 watchers, it can get the UI to severely lag. This means that the possible complexity of Angular Forms is limited. This includes big data grids and lists.

  • Name Clashes

With AngularJS, you don’t have the ability to compose many NG-apps on the same page. This can cause name clashes.

Again, these are some basic disadvantages. They are way more advantages of the system, and those are what make it so popular.

Reasons to Choose AngularJS Development

So, what are the reasons that you should learn AngularJS?

Here are some, that might catch your interest:

  • Quick Started

Getting started with AngularJS is extremely simple. All you need to do is add some attributes to your HTML, and you can have your first, small Angular app in a matter of a few minutes. Isn’t that fascinating?

  • Time Saving

As mentioned above, all that AngularJS requires you to is split your application into multiple MVC components. Once you have done that, AngularJS will take over and perform the rest of the functions for you. It saves you of the trouble of writing another code to bind the MVC components together again.

  • Fewer Codes

Point (2) was one of the examples of AngularJS reduces the number of codes that you need to write. In addition to that, data models are simpler to write with AngularJS. Moreover, it offers Data Binding. This means that you don’t have to manually put your data in the view. Also, directives in AngularJS are separate from the app code. This means that another team can simultaneously work on that. There are various other avenues where AngularJS can save you coding time.

  • Data Binding is Easy

Do you remember having created a text property on a model that you need bound into your UI? You would know that it is a major hassle. With AngularJS, though, this data binding happens sweat-free. Moreover, you will immediately see what you type in the span.

  • Declarative Expression of UI

Given that the UI with AngularJS is structured, it makes it simpler for you to understand as well as manipulate. It’s worth noting that designers are no programmers. Hence, it is important to make their life simpler. They can learn markup way more easily than programming. Hence, declarative expression of UI makes more sense for your team as well as results for your clients.

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In conclusion, AngularJS is just the perfect framework for the development of dynamic web apps. There are a range of examples to quote of large companies that make use of AngularJS to support their projects. For a client, AngularJS can lead to time and cost savings. For young learners, it presents with ultimate job opportunities to carve out a successful career.

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