Soon after the release of iOS 8 by Apple, Appcelerator released update to the SDK and Studio for its open source mobile app development platform with the release of 3.4.0 beta version. With this update, both developers and app users will avail multiple benefits with a complete support to the latest version of operating system launched by Apple. This RC version will allow users to benefit from the latest features of the iPhone 6 & 6 plus, including Touch ID and category based Local Interactive Notifications. However, the certified final version will be released after its hands-on testing on the devices by the core team.

Why use Titanium SDK?

Conventional methods follow a complex and costly approach to develop mobile apps by employing native languages and tools specific to different mobile platforms or operating systems. This can end up being complicated and very expensive. On the contrary, Titanium SDK minimizes the need to manage multiple code bases and development projects by offering a single SDK for all the devices. This kit makes the use of JavaScript, a popular language used in web development projects, and allows users to reduce costs, risks and time involved to build mobile apps.

Also, the popularity and extensive use of the development environment, Appcelerator Studio Titanium platform for both Studio and SDK is backed by some amazing features as listed below:

  • Open source SDK based on JavaScript with more than 5000 APIs provided to build apps for different mobile platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5 and Blackberry.
  • Alloy MVC framework
  • Integration with open Marketplace of Appcelerator Studio
  • Integrated MBaaS (Mobile backend as a service)

Update to Studio/SDK 3.4.0:

It is essential to be informed that you need to upgrade both CLI and Studio as well along with the SDK as tooling changes are also required by the latest iOS version. You can update these tools by selecting ‘Install Specific Titanium SDK’ from the ‘Help Menu’ from within the Titanium SDK. However, to avoid any adverse impact to your customers having the latest iOS version, you must make the use of XCode 6 with OS X Yosemite or Mavericks to build your apps. The steps required to have accessibility to Studio/SDK 3.4.0 is given below:

  • Upgrade Studio with links to the latest versions of Titanium Studio and Appcelerator Studio are available on the official site.
  • Next, install the SDK by executing the command “ti SDK install — branch 3_4_x –d”.
  • Then, install NPM through commands “npm install –g alloy@1.5.0-rc3” and “npm install –g titanium@3.4.0-rc4”. There is a chance that you may be needed to use “Sudo” prior to executing these commands on either OSX or Linux.

So, follow the above guide and update your tools to develop stable and secure apps for iOS8. That shall certainly hold you in good stead for all your development needs.

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