Frontend Trends

For a businessperson, what matters is the frontend of any mobile or web app development. This is like what you show on the stage with all the raw preparations and rehearsals behind the curtain. While backend takes care of coding and functionalities of the apps, frontend development services assure you that components on the user interface will get your customers a seamless experience. Thus, knowing frontend trends in 2024 will not only be fun to learn, but it will also help your business apps to lead the market and win customers.

In this guide, we shall drive you through the latest trends in frontend development, what you need to convey before you hire frontend developers, and why it matters to your business.

What is frontend development?

Frontend development simply means how your digital product will look. In simple words, it is the appearance of your app, the face of your application that serves as a welcome door to your customers or users. There are many advantages of frontend development in a digital product that has an interface and as a buyer, you should be at least acquainted with the technology.

Frontend developers work on the aesthetics of software tools whether it is a website or a mobile application. The frontend can be considered as the first gate welcoming the user into the world of products and services of your company. Critically important, as it is called, the primary thing all companies focus on is how the UI looks to render the best UX.

Frontend development trends in 2024 will see a major shift and you must learn it to understand what will work in the coming years. Accordingly, you can hire frontend developers, discuss the trends to integrate with your digital product, and assure that your business shall not only thrive but roar in the market through its astounding UI/UX.

What are frontend technologies and tools?

Frontend technologies and tools range from an open-source platform with libraries to highly interactive frameworks to craft designer components on an application. Here is the list of some of the most popular top 15 frontend development technologies in 2024 –

Front-end Technologies and Tools

Frontend trends to look out for in 2024 and beyond

The frontend development trends in 2024 and beyond shall take a major technological change due to contemporary tools available to augment the overall user experience of your customers.

Here we have curated a list of top trends in frontend development to look for in 2024:

Frontend Trends 2024

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

PWAs are likely to get hit due to the enormous popularity of contemporary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and voice support. Deploying these will ensure that the progressive web apps of your business have better customer engagement and retention. AI and ML shall check, examine, and learn the behavior of your customers through real-time access and will build the business strategy on its own to render top-quality and customized content and recommendations. This way, the app visitors will turn into loyal customers.

Static Site Generators (SSGs)

The frontend development trends in 2024 witness SSG gaining great popularity as they are simple, fast, and secure. SSG is getting adapted due to its flexibility of generating static HTML files that take off the requirements of basic database queries. Ultimately, SSGs render faster page loading times.

No or low-code development

The frontend developers in 2024 shall depend more on low-code or no-code frameworks or platforms that reduce computer programming and thus possible human errors. Such programming trends for frontend in 2024 will take away complex coding so that developers will be able to focus more on business logic and go for rapid development customization.

Dark mode and accessibility

Adapted by LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other major technology players in the world, dark mode is getting immensely popular because it offers users another choice of UI. With improved readability and content clarity, dark mode is going to rule as the frontend trends in 2024. It shall enhance the standards of user interface and accessibility.

Motion design and micro-interactions

In 2024, frontend development shall see a sharp rise in motion design and micro-interactions by users on a user interface. User experience will take the core of any app and adding subtle motion design to enhance micro interaction will drive the frontend web development. The accessibility standards will be redefined and customized to cater to diverse customers’ needs.

VUI (Voice User Interface)

With the advent of artificial intelligence, devices are powered with voice commands to search and respond accurately. Integration of voice user interface shall take the lead in frontend trends in 2024 as more and more enterprise mobile apps in the future will embrace the features and facilities enabling users to command apps to get the desired results.

AI-enabled chatbot

Quick response to users’ concerns is one of the most crucial factors in assuring customer acquisition. With AI-enabled chatbots, frontend trends in 2024 will help enterprises serve their customers better and quicker. On top of it, deep learning algorithms shall train devices and machines to customize their responses more human-like and accurate. Ultimately, AI-powered chatbot application development should rise as a top frontend trends in 2024.

How to leverage frontend development trends in 2024 for your business?

To survive the tough and competitive market, you need to keep an eye on frontend development trends in 2024 to leverage its benefits. You can research a bit on how technology trends for mobile app development can affect your customers’ choices, and accordingly, you need to upgrade your present or existing software tools and systems.

Make a checklist of the trends in 2024 before you hire frontend developers. Discuss with them what features you want in your business app to engage and entice your customers. For instance, you can ask for AI-enabled chatbot development for your eCommerce store in 2024 to tap every customer on the Internet. Chatbots will help you respond to customer queries 24/7 which, in turn, will build your brand value by providing the best customer service.

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