WordPress released its latest WordPress 4.0 version with jam-packed features. It will enhance overall management experience as well as introduce redesigned appearance of Content Management System’s plugins. It will also render a rejuvenated writing experience and offer attractively modified media library pages.

WordPress 4.0 is named ‘Benny’ after Benny Goodman- a jazz musician! Just as Benny Goodman’s music, WordPress 4.0 will offer an enriched user experience. With respect to its security and stability, serious considerations have been undertaken pertaining to the content management and content creation tools in WordPress 4.0.

Features of WordPress 4.0

The following are the impeccable features introduced in Benny:

Grid View Gallery: This feature will allow easy navigation and exploration throughout the media library.
Expandable Content Editor: The plugins incorporated for Content Management Systems will rediscover a distinct vision.
Enriched Writing Experience: Since writing in WordPress is uncommon, many prefer to write down in their own format. However, the feature enhanced in WordPress 4.0 will definitely attract few users.
Plugin Discovery: WordPress 4.0 has visually enhanced browsing plugins that will improve search experience.
Global Installation: It comes with an option to select a language of installation from multiple languages. This will boost the WordPress 4.0 installation ratio all over the world.
Media Management: Users who are too much into sharing media files will have a high satisfaction from WordPress 4.0. The Media Library is beautifully gridded and will give Valid Preview of the embedded content.
Customizer: This will allow customizing the themes as per requirement.

WordPress 4.1

On 10th Dec, 2014, WordPress will announce the release of WordPress 4.1. WordPress 4.1 will arrive with a transition from Content Management System to an application framework. It will accelerate the changes by allowing direct access of API from the core of WordPress.


WordPress 4.0 offers everything that a developer will intend to have access to while developing an application, a content writer will look at while writing and the WordPress community will look at while rediscovering their products greatly. Developers will get upgraded UI that will help in upgrading other WordPress versions in future.

Anyone who works with WordPress 4.0 will have an exciting experience.

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