Right since the launch of the first generation of iPhone, this smart phone from Apple has captured everyone’s imagination. While the fans can’t stop blabbering about it, the people who haven’t bought the phone yet can’t defy its credentials either. This debate further stirred up recently when Apple came up with three variations of its coveted 5th generation of iPhone. iPhone 5, 5C and 5S are the three phones that the users can choose from.

If you have been scrambling to find out the real difference, here’s some piece of information that might help:


SCREEN SIZE: The size of the phone’s screen does make a difference in today’s world. With this aspect, all the three variations stand at the same pedestal. All the three of them boast of a 4 inch retina display.

CAMERA: Going simply by the megapixels of the cameras, embedded in these phones, they all seem to be pretty much the same. All of them come with a 8 megapixels camera, which is quite a good specification for a phone of this size. However, there are some minute differences in the other specifications of the camera that differentiate the three. The image below provides more details about the same.

THICKNESS: iPhone 5C is the thickest of the lot. It comes with a depth of 8.97 mm, which is more than the thickness of the other two. Both the other phones come with a depth of 7.6 mm.

MEMORY: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 come with three options of memory. The users can choose between 16, 32 and 64 GB options. On the other hand, iPhone 5C has just two options, i.e. 16 GB and 32 GB. This shouldn’t deter the ones who aren’t looking at extensive memory for their phones.

CPU: The processing unit of iPhone 5S is the most advanced in the group. It is supported by an A7 processor as compared to the A6 that supports the other two models.

BATTERY LIFE: The battery life of a phone also plays a critical role in serving their users well. Phones with smaller battery life do not find the preference of the users in the modern world. The battery life of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is 10 hours. iPhone 5, on the other hand, compromises a little on the battery life, offering just 8 hours.

SPECIAL FEATURES: So, are there any special features that the phones come with. All the three have unique features that they are known for. For example, iPhone 5S is popular for its TouchID fingerprint recognition feature. On the other hand, iPhone 5C comes with multiple colours. Choosing among them is more about the preferences of people for their phones.

PRICE: iPhone 5 has been discontinued by the company, and hence price details aren’t available. Among the other two, iPhone 5S is the more expensive one. It is available at $ 199 to $ 399 with a contract. The same for iPhone 5C is $ 99 to $ 199. iPhone 5S is also available sans contract, and its price in that case comes to $ 649 to $ 849.

Latest News: Apple Inc is also planning to launch bigger iPhones in nearer time, it might be “iPhone 6”. These bigger iPhones will have 4.5″ and 5″ of display screen as per the reports. Click here to read more…