NodeJS for Backend

As a business owner, choosing a backend framework for your project is an important step in the entire flow of the product development cycle. Your backend frameworks will determine how your application functions and how much the development costs your company. However, this was only a major concern until NodeJS website development became popular as one of the best frameworks used by tech giants such as Uber and Netflix for business development solutions.

According to Statista, NodeJS is recognized as the most popular web framework among programmers in 2023 throughout the globe, surpassing React JS. It was found that 42.7% of web developers were using Node.js, while 40.6% were utilizing React.js. No wonder NodeJS development can be customized for automating many operational processes that benefit small businesses and large enterprises considerably.

With outstanding capabilities promoting user experience and happiness, Node JS has undoubtedly changed the business product development industry. It makes a perfect option for developing software solutions, so if you are a business owner or a startup head, there are plenty of reasons why NodeJS can change how you develop your products. Let us see how.

A little about NodeJS

NodeJS is a server environment that runs JavaScript scripts and is available for several platforms. It facilitates the development of strong and scalable backend features or APIs (Application Programming Interface). These APIs provide online and mobile apps developed with the user’s convenience and comfort when moving through them in mind.

When you hire Node JS developers, you are assured of having a universal tech stack designed to fulfill tech solutions specific to your business; also, these business solutions continuously acquire data from many sources and transmit it to multiple clients in real time as a part of their core functionalities.

Furthermore, NodeJS establishes a uniform JavaScript development environment using a programming language for client-side and server-side scripts. It eliminates the requirement for various programming languages to be used for programming on different sides. Many internet titans, like Uber, eBay, Walmart, and Netflix, have embraced the technology to provide various IT solutions to their customers.

Top 6 reasons you should use NodeJS as a business owner 

According to the Node Foundation study report, 98% of Fortune 500 organizations use NodeJS as their primary tech stack for commercial product development.

Most successful firms have undergone many pivots, altered their business strategy, and upgraded their software. Starting businesses need a flexible IT stack to negotiate these changes with limited resources and funds. That is exactly what NodeJS provides for entrepreneurs.

So, if, as a business owner, you are looking for a software development company, make a checklist that you ask your developers to leverage NodeJS due to the following reasons:

1. Faster delivery

Node JS speeds up the delivery and testing of ideas. It is particularly important for startups since it enables them to concentrate on rapid prototyping and the lean startup process. NodeJS does this by exchanging model code and tests across the client and server; a developer gains tremendous efficiency.

Second, NodeJS is an excellent ‘framework’ for applications that provide real-time experiences like streaming. It also includes several other services such as online booking, commercials, and shopping. With NodeJS, it is easier to handle such tasks as it is based on JavaScript event-driven fundamentals. NodeJS minimizes or removes the communication gap between the front end and backend.

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2. Ready for microservice customization 

The three-module package manager in NodeJS allows programmers to work on several modules simultaneously. This is an ideal case for microservice architecture. Netflix and PayPal have used Node to transition from monolith to microservices. Also, for business owners, application authentication is a vital aspect. Node has a special authentication middleware called Passport JS that secures the connection and provides encryption functionalities for authentication.

NodeJS makes a perfect choice for business owners as this shift to microservices also allows businesses to provide complete business solutions and divide down functionality into smaller parts, resulting in greater maintenance quality, increased testing, and the ability for the team to update many features simultaneously.

3. Teams of cross-functional collaborators 

Working with Node applications improves team communication since it requires a cross-functional workforce. Each team member is involved in all aspects of the app development process, including authoring lines of code, organizing, testing, and handling deployment and maintenance. This allows the NodeJs community of backend/frontend developers, quality control specialists, and network engineers to constantly add value to the current resources. 

Even though this method is becoming more popular among startups owing to low resources, building an agile environment for corporations is critical. According to Agile supporters, Node.js can foster creativity, agility, and more fluid and adaptable team cooperation.

4. Faster time-to-market

Node JS is driven by full-stack JavaScript, which removes boundaries between front-end and back-end development by using only one programming language, allowing high-end engineering efficiency and a shorter time-to-market.  

Node application development is used by rapidly developing enterprises because of its quick extension and customization capabilities for large-scale commercial goods. Apps designed using NodeJS may be quickly scaled up to include new functionality by adding more modules to the current framework.

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5. Lower costs

Node JS enables developers to utilize the same programming language in both the frontend and backend, saving a firm time and money onboarding many engineers. In many circumstances, firms that use NodeJS, do not need to recruit a diverse collection of software professionals.

It is sufficient to hire a developer who is well-versed in NodeJS for backend development and capable of handling most of the procedures. This significantly reduces hiring costs, helping you maintain a budget-friendly approach as a business owner.

6. Highly scalable

Scalability is incorporated into the backbone of NodeJS. It is one of Node’s primary benefits for companies looking to scale over time. App-based companies use it because it makes adding new modules to existing systems easy while also allowing the building of light, rapid systems with good real-time responsiveness that can be scaled up later. You can never tell how far you’ll go.

Node is a single-threaded language that executes asynchronous programming using many threads in the background. This design enables developers to handle and work with several connections simultaneously in a very effective manner while also load balancing and handling several concurrent connections 

The bottom line

NodeJS is a major player in the creation of real-time web apps; plus, there are ample reasons to choose NodeJS for web development projects. It is not an exaggeration to say why many businesses now consider it a better technology for running high-volume web applications and enabling teams to move much more swiftly to bring their ideas to reality.

Given its rising popularity among organizations, it is time to use NodeJS for web app development as a business owner. We are a leading NodeJS development company to get your web app created within a certain time frame; contact us and kickstart your dream project now.

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