NodeJS for Web Development

There are ample technologies for web development; nevertheless, the most used web framework among developers worldwide in 2023 reveals that NodeJS beat all other technologies and stands on the top. Contributing more than 40% of total web framework usage, NodeJS for web development makes it a perfect blend of robust coding and usability for enterprises and corporates.

In this short guide, we shall discuss why NodeJS website development in 2024 will continue to lead the market as corporate giants will continue trusting this best programming to build IT solutions for their companies.

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a runtime environment utilizing Chrome’s V8 JavaScript. Back in 2009, the technology was introduced at European JSConf and it soon shot to fame worldwide. In the past couple of years, NodeJS website development has become immensely popular not only among software developers but also buyers and clients because the technology has not limited itself to tech-savvy people. In other words, clients who want to build IT solutions for their businesses are quite aware of NodeJS due to its overwhelming popularity.

Nodejs for Backend development

If you wonder how Nodejs for web development happens, it does through backend development. This means a team of web developers will use NodeJS for backend programming to build powerful software tools or digital products – for example, a corporate website that handles huge data and still functions smoothly.

NodeJS website development in 2024 shall continue to be a preferred backend programming choice as the platform offers astounding features and facilities to software developers to customize the website better and give superior software products to their clients. Those who think why they should use NodeJS for backend development must understand that the main advantage of the technology is that it works faster for client-server interaction processes. With smooth asynchronous request processing and no-blocking I/O, NodeJS is a frontrunner in software programming and building customized web solutions for enterprises worldwide.

Popular companies using NodeJS in 2023

As the year ends, enterprises look forward to conquering the market in the coming time. There are ample companies that used Node.js in 2023 and led the market in providing the best user experience through their web design and development.

Here are the most popular companies using Node.js backend development to keep their online presence live and effective.

  • Netflix: It is said that Netflix lowered startup time with NodeJS development
  • NASA: NASA seems to improve database access time using Node.js web development
  • Trello: Using Node.js, the company achieved quicker prototyping.
  • Paypal: The loading time of the portal has been significantly decreased using Node.JS programming.
  • LinkedIn: The professional network giant remarkedly improved its app performance using NodeJS development.
  • Walmart: According to reports, Walmart significantly improved its website experience with Node.JS
  • Uber: Uber seems to have improved user experience by providing flawless performance through NodeJS in backend.
  • X (Former Twitter): According to tech experts, Node.js app development helped the giant social media platform achieve a 5-second loading speed.
  • Yahoo!: With the help of Node.JS Yahoo! simplified its features’ release.
  • eBay: Node.js technology helped this eCommerce giant reduce resource utilization manifold.
  • GoDaddy: GoDaddy reported four times higher user engagement using NodeJS web development.
  • Groupon: Groupon witnessed great scalability using Node.JS web app technologies.
  • Medium: Dealing with an enormous amount of data every hour, Medium impressively sped up its content processing using NodeJS web technologies.
  • Citibank: It is said that Citibank witnessed 50% lower latency using the features of NodeJS web development.

If you notice, NodeJS for web development has served diversified industry verticals and niches from finance to entertainment to commuting and even social media. The scalability and durability of Node.js for web development has given that extra edge to these global business giants to bank on this technology. These giant enterprises are likely to continue NodeJS for web development in 2024 and beyond.

NodeJS for Web Development in 2024

The year 2023 witnessed some of the revolutionary changes in the adoption of technologies. Highly advanced tools and technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence have transformed the way users interact and trade with businesses. NodeJS for web development in 2024 shall continue to grow vigorously when blended with other contemporary technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality.

Businesses are likely to get more benefits from NodeJS web development in 2024. Here are some of the noteworthy NodeJS web development segmentation enterprises may look forward to developing in the coming years –

Customized websites

With the unprecedented rise in Internet usage worldwide, no business can survive without its digital footprint. Thousands of websites are deployed on the World Wide Web every day. NodeJS web development enables you to have customized websites for your products and services.

Corporate websites for enterprise

Corporate enterprises with bigger clientele and those handling big data require robust web solutions for their companies. NodeJS for web development comes as a helping hand in building complex web portals that can handle thousands of queries at a time. Corporate websites for enterprises could be easily designed and developed with NodeJS.

Websites with special features

NodeJS is popular for its amazing features and facilities. When you hire a NodeJS web development company, you can ask to integrate unique functions on your websites. Here are a few factors why NodeJS for web development gives you an upper hand.

NodeJS Features

Using these useful features and functions, you can build customized websites and web portals for your enterprise to showcase your business strengths to billions of users worldwide.

Advantages of NodeJS website development at WeblineIndia

WeblineIndia has retained its title as one of the best NodeJS website development companies in the US with its development hub in India. Our veteran tech experts have developed NodeJS modules, component libraries, tools and frameworks, and other innovative packages. With their experience and best practices, they would walk the extra mile to make your product stand out in the market.

Here are the best benefits of NodeJS web development at WeblineIndia –

  • High-performing real-time web apps
  • Highly advanced apps with greater scalability
  • Customized NodeJS web app development
  • Possibility of cross-platform app development
  • Reusable codes, quicker time to build web apps
  • Cost-effective option: NodeJS for web development
  • Reduced time-to-market apps
  • Quick caching that reduces loading time

When you hire NodeJS developers from us, you are assured of having the best of the technologies in your customized solutions. We also have various hiring packages to engage our developers in your project, and these models are built keeping all budgets in mind.

The future of NodeJS for web development in 2024 and beyond is bright and more and more enterprises will opt for this magnificent technology. Contact us now to hire dedicated NodeJS developers who will work exclusively on your project and get you the results par excellent.