The PHP Group released PHP 5.6.0 on the 28 of August that will support until 2017. Every new release of PHP version aimed in including evolved features with 2 years of security and bug fixation feature. This release will altogether be followed by a minimum 1 year of security fixation too. PHP 5.6.0 was also released with the same thought!

PHP 5.6.0 Features

PHP 5.6.0 has the following highlighted features:

  • Variadic function with the use of an operator
  • Unpacking arrays and traversable objects using the . . . operator
  • Exponentiation using the – ** operator-
  • Extension of the use operator via the use function and use const
  • Incorporation of phpdbg as an interactive debugger in SAPI module
  • Default character encoding
  • php://input is made reusable
  • Uploading large files is now easy
  • GMP objects support overloading of operator
  • hash_equals() function can compare strings in constant time
  • Heavy files up to 2 gigabytes can now be accepted

PHP 7: An Upgraded Version To Smoothen Further PHP Improvements

The PHP Group is now working on new PHP 7 version. PHP 7 gets its groundwork from PHPNG. This is an experimental PHP branch called PHP Next Generation (PHPNG). The aim of PHPNG is to maximize performance of PHP by restoring the Zend Engine as well as retaining compatibility of language. WordPress based benchmark suite projected for PHPNG has shown 100% rise in performance level. Changes initiated by PHPNG will bring smooth improvements as compact data structures can swiftly migrate to a just-in-time compiler.

It will also consist of upgraded variable syntax which is complete and will promote use of operators like ->, [], (), {}, and :: with meaningful left handed expressions.

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