The advent of Big Data has changed the way things were performed in the world of business. The most affected sector in business processes is that of the storage and retrieval of data. Mobile applications have been a part of the revolution, and their presence on the cloud is of significant help to the developers. Mobile app developers are making most of the available scalability, and managing to add complex features to their apps. Many companies are offering services that assist developers in effectively extracting the benefits of cloud based hosting of mobile applications. Here is a list of 5 companies which we think fit the needs quite precisely.

PARSE: The first platform that comes to mind is Parse. This is one of the acclaimed companies around, and offers a cloud based app development kit for platforms such as Android and iOS. The high point of this framework is the freedom that it offers to the developers to scale their applications. What is also fascinating to note is that it can be used for Cross Platform Application Frameworks. Therefore, if you wish to use it with Sencha, Touch or Appcelerator, you can do it with absolute ease.

STACKMOB: This is another platform that has received acclaim and popularity in the recent times. What is worth noting about this platform is that it offers a Free and Paid version to the users. Hence, if you are a novice in the industry and want to simply test how it works for you, you can make use of the free version. On the other hand, advanced users of the software can utilize the paid version. The free version comes with all the necessary basic tools, and that makes it effective for the users. This platform has built-in API versions. That is generally helpful in organizing the codes for the old application. One of the drawbacks of this platform, though, is the fact that one needs to have an Amazon S3 account for the same.

KINVEY: This platform, like Stackmob, makes use of the free and paid version. If you are already wondering about its capabilities, you can have 200 active users for free each month. The paid version of the platform is stuffed with features, and those are all as good as the ones provided by some of the best companies in the market. Additionally, the support forum is extensive and active. Also, the troubleshooting service is pretty exhaustive. Therefore, there is no way in which you will lose your way while making use of this platform.

APPCELERATOR: Here comes a platform that looks poised to become extremely successful in the short term. It has some prominent features which can give the app developers the power to add value to their applications. It provides cross platform compatibility. Furthermore, it puts on offer some great analytical tools. If I was to describe this framework in short, I would call it a Complete Package. This platform helps the developers in developing applications from the beginning till the time they are in the final stages of the same.

BUDDY PLATFORM: This is another complete package that comes to my mind. Like some of the other platforms, this one offers cross platform support. One of the benefits of using this platform is that you can create applications across various major platforms. This ensures that you are not confined to one platform only, and have the flexibility that you need at the time of application development. Moreover, this application also brings together all the APIs under one roof only. This does bring in a level of simplicity to your work.


Hence, cloud based data hosting is becoming one of the more sought after things in the recent times. Application developers are looking for such companies and platforms that they can use to make the most of this trend. The aforementioned platforms provide a range of benefits to their users.

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