Microsoft’s mobile platform has one more app now. Waze, the traffic and navigation app based on crowd is lately included in the Windows ecosphere. But, for now only the Windows Phone 8 will be able to use the app on their devices.

It group-submitted alerts and notifications for some activities like traffic or crowd gatherings, police tasks, natural hazards, accidents and also the directions to the lowest rated petrol stations on the user’s way are involved in the Waze package offer.

Waze, owned by the search giant, and the software giant Microsoft are far away from friendly relations, but it seems like Moutain View strongly desires to disclose at least one of its capabilities, which is obviously positive for Windows Phone.

The apps used on Microsoft’s mobile platforms has revealed growth when the company announced its stats. Also, it showed the OS has a great routed to pass to be at par with the leaders – iOS and Android.

As per the figures unzipped stating the transactions and downloads, Windows Phone is taking upward trend but it is still very far from its competitors.