Case Study: Kids Goal Planning & Rewards System


Client is an emerging technology startup company based on USA.

Business Need

Client had an idea of building a platform involving parents and kids, where parents can help their kids by planning and encouraging in completing their goals and get rewarded.

Goal achievement helps child in understanding tangible and intangible outcomes which drives decisions and strengthens self-satisfaction and empowerment. Child can either request for rewards or parent can setup rewards for their goals completion. Besides that parents can share their children’s progress and accomplishment with family and friends over social media.

Client Situation

  • Client wanted to develop a platform for parents to cultivate their kid’s personality and good etiquettes by assigning appropriate goals/tasks to be achieved in defined time frame. Parents can give points and rewards to their children based on the progress on assigned activities.
  • Client wanted to develop approval based mechanism where Child should be able to setup their goal reward request and parent can approve/reject based on the defined task activities outlined under assigned goal.
  • Client wanted to have push notification based smart alert mechanism to trace every important activity of parent and child.
  • Client also wanted to integrate advertisement in the system which can also help in generating revenue when users pay to get Ad free version.
  • Parents should be able to share their children’s progress and accomplishment over social media platforms with family and friends.
  • Most importantly, Client wanted to see child’s progress reports using Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly dashboards.


  • Backend System

Angular, PHP (Laravel), MySQL Database

  • Mobile App

Visual Studio IDE, React Native SDK, xCode IDE, Simulators, Android Studio IDE, Emulators, High Carts API, Google Analytics, In-App purchase library, FCM push notification API integration, Social Media Login API

Recommended Solution

We designed & developed an easy to use solution where all targeted parent users can be easily on-boarded, parent users can create their child users account with required PIN authentication and admin staff members can use web control panel to manage different on-boarded users, activation, manages polls, content management, and their user reports.

With highly user interactive mobile UI design, Parents can easily manage their children account, goals and tasks, show progress based weekly, monthly and yearly activities, post and view poll questions, and keep increasing the interest level to use this platform more to gain more rewards points.

Different type of valuable add-ons were provided as part of the solution, which includes in-app purchase integration, social media sharing for child’s achievement, most interactive notification system between parent and child users, role management based features for the parent and child users within the mobile app, data synchronization for the notifications and other important entities, manage history of goals and task, advertisement and screens/events tracking, charting reports etc.


  • Mobile app has helped parent users to set their children’s focus towards their defined daily and weekly based task responsibilities towards their setup of goals.
  • Mobile app has also helped parent and child to collaborate about their requirement and needs.
  • Parents can keep on adding new goals for children to win points and rewards by setting up different challenging targets for children.
  • Platform also provides an option to setup promotional email sharing, admin generated push notification based important information sharing to all parent users, and important poll based result sharing.
  • Polling shows children’s interests and both parent and child can review global result.
  • Parent users can see chart based result for their children’s weekly, monthly and yearly activities and can also share their achievements easily to social medial sharing.
  • Application provides an easy to use interface for parent and child users which help in managing required data and information in easy manner.
  • Application provides pixel perfect UI design to achieve design accuracy and consistency.
  • Platform also provides good options to generate revenue through advertisement and in-app purchase mechanism.
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