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Client is certified gym Trainer based in USA who wants to use technology for making Gym trainers life easier and increase their productivity and efficient customer management.

Being gym trainer client wanted to have some handy solution as mobile app through which trainers can manage their customer’s information and exercise data in easy to store and review mechanism.

Business Need

Client wanted to build an application where Trainers can manage their customer’s all kind of data starting from contact details to exercise and complete workout reports. Client wanted to manage all Trainers’ end-to-end customer data in a centralized platform to make it easy for any trainer to attend any client for exercise guidance and further fitness training.

Client Situation

  • Client was facing difficulty to maintain various customer data like their exercise schedules and other measurements related to targeted fitness programs.
  • Client did not have any automated system where he can keep track of customers’/client’s exercise and workout related data.
  • There was no centralization for various customer data and hence no proper insight to enable the decision making and high chances of losing client data
  • It was very difficult to show progress to customers from time to time in terms of reporting and comparison data progress through Dashboards.
  • There was manual data collection through various paper documents and sheets which was making customer’s data tracking process very tedious.
  • There was no data portability and also no pictorial representation available for user to review each client’s data and progress review.


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Recommended Solution

  • WeblineIndia developed solution based on client’s challenges, which can keep track of their customer’s contact details, exercise information and various measurement calculator data/calculations.
  • Along with having easy data sharing and representation in form of reports. Useful information or data sharing etc in new point.
  • Centralize storage of all the information to access it on need basis from anytime anywhere for future training program setup.
  • Solution also provides custom training programs using easily customizable training program and facility to maintain ready templates for different training programs.


  • iPad app was developed as part of the solution which contains all the features requested by Client.
  • Application provides flexibility for client to maintain their customer profile, their health survey information, emergency contacts, exercise program targeted for the client & its tracking on regular basis as per schedule and health assessment alculators.
  • Exercise timer along with the music play facility was one of the core functionality. It provides flexibility to fitness trainers to configure required sets and circuit value for each exercise.
  • Exercise time will have preset options available where trainers can configure up to 10 different types of values that can be assigned to relevant customer for the exercise.
  • Trainers get template based mechanism to maintain the various programs that can be easily applied to different customers based on their needs. It helps them to easily track the progress against exercises based on predefined templates.
  • Solution provides Two different kind of applications where paid version having/provides full features. Users can also use Lite version having limited features and can unlock full features through in-app purchase facility.
  • This application turned out to be a huge success for the client and excellent helping hand for the fitness trainers in maintain their work related data.

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