About Project

Trainer’s Notebook App is a smart solution to make life of fitness trainers and professionals quite easy. This App is all in one platform, which manages fitness trainers work efficiently. Trainers can easily access all your client’s workout programs, training schedule, assessments, and contact info at one single location. They never need to scramble to find their clients training programs or lug around a stack of folders. They just need to setup the schedule for defined program and start using it.

Trainer’s Notebook App


  • User Management
  • Training Management
  • Fitness Training Programs Management
  • Assessment and Analysis Management
  • Backup of Fitness Program on Google Account
  • Timer for Interval training


  • Visual Studio Code
  • MVC
  • ES6
  • Redux for stack management
  • ESLint
  • Jest

Important Achievement

Google Spreadsheet APIUs integration.
Manage customized layouts for program module.
Digital signature facility.
Chat based Assessment Reporting.

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