With more than three-fourths of websites built on PHP, if you are thinking of having your websites, web portals, and web app solutions on PHP, it will be a great choice. Nevertheless, you need to have the best PHP consultants by your side to have the technology customized to your business needs and company goals. In this short write-up, we will take you through who is a PHP consultant, what are the responsibilities of PHP consultants, and where to find the best PHP consultant for hire.

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PHP is one such technology that has its popularity intact even after years of its inception and establishment. And, looking at the statistics, its fame is not going to fade away in the future.

PHP is used by more than 75% of all the websites whose server-side programming language is known, according to W2Techs.

All thanks to its extreme usefulness, user-friendly features and functionalities, and top of all its programming ease that it provides to web developers. Regular updates, impeccable community support, and evolution with time has made PHP one of the most preferred languages today to build quality and customized web app solutions for all industry verticals.

Who is a PHP consultant?

A PHP consultant is a professional specializing in PHP, a server-side scripting language, designated to build quality websites. PHP consultants are superior to PHP programmers as they possess superior knowledge and expertise in PHP programming, frameworks, and related tools. For instance, you can expect a PHP consultant to have a thorough knowledge on:

  • Basic PHP syntax and features
  • OOP (Object-oriented programming) concepts and design patterns
  • Database and SQL
  • Web fundamentals and protocols (HTTPS)
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • CMS frameworks
  • PHP frameworks (such as Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Symfony) and libraries (such as Guzzle, PHPMailer, PHPUnit, Composer, and more)
  • Business Intelligence
  • And so much more.

You can hire PHP consultants at the beginning of your PHP development outsourcing journey so that you know exactly how your web project will be executed and what are the best tools and tech stacks for your project available as per your budget and company’s goal.

What are the responsibilities of PHP consultants?

You have ample benefits when you outsource a PHP development project to an offshore PHP company or hire remote PHP developers, but it is essential to have a PHP consultant to guide you and your teams.

Most of the top PHP development companies, offer you consultancy services free of cost. Here are some of the responsibilities of PHP consultants for hire:

Technical consultation

A PHP consultant would help you with technical consultation where they would make you understand the best features and standards of PHP technologies.

  • Best PHP practices: guides best PHP practices such as coding standards, security precautions, and performance optimization.
  • Architecture design: assists in carrying out scalable designs and maintainable PHP architecture while considering modularity, maintainability, and scalability.
  • Tech stack selection suggests selecting proper frameworks, libraries, databases, tools, libraries, and other PHP ecosystems.
  • Database design: offers expertise in making efficient designs and normalizing database schemas by optimizing queries.
  • Code review conducts thorough code reviews and identifies potential issues; suggests improvement and assures best practice adherence.

Performance optimization

The best PHP consultants for hire would help you in performance optimization through their several skill sets.

  • Server configuration: recommends server configurations, load balancing strategies, and caching mechanisms to improve app scalability.
  • Code performance: analyzes PHP codebase for optimum performance and provides solutions to properly execute time and memory usage.
  • Database performance: optimizes database queries and indexing strategies to improve overall app performance.

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Security expertise

When you hire PHP consultants for your PHP web development project, the veteran is also likely to have their input on security.

  • Vulnerability assessment: conducts assessments to identify any vulnerabilities in PHP apps such as SQL injection, CSRF, XSS, or other security issues.
  • Secure authentication and authorization: implements secure authentication and authorization mechanisms such as hashing of passwords, role-based privilege controls, and handling of secure sessions.
  • Best security practices: educates remote PHP developer teams with the best PHP security practices like input validation, output escaping, and session and parameter query management.

Responsibilities of PHP Consultants

Training and mentorship

One of the primary responsibilities of a PHP consultant is training and mentorship to PHP developers for hire.

  • Team training: you can have PHP consultants with you when you hire PHP developers offshore. The consultants can train your best PHP programmers with the best coding and security practices.
  • Mentorship: if you have junior PHP developers on your team, PHP consultants can provide mentorship to improve their PHP programming skills and problem-solving capabilities.

Project management support

Some of the top PHP development companies like WeblineIndia provide PHP consultancy services. They keep a senior PHP programmer as a project management support for your project.

  • Requirements analysis: assists in gathering and analyzing project needs and translates them to technical specifications and feasibilities defining project milestones.
  • Technical documentation: helps in keeping comprehensive documentation for PHP development such as architecture diagrams, API documents, and deployment methods.
  • Project coordination: as a key contact person or point, PHP consultants can serve as a seamless project coordination medium among project managers, developers, stakeholders, and owners for timely communication and updates.

Continuous improvement

The role and responsibilities of PHP consultants do not end with project completion. When you outsource PHP development to an offshore company with PHP consultants as a medium, their role is extended post-sales as well.

  • Technology evolution: stays updated on the latest PHP frameworks, tools, and libraries, and recommends regular upgrading of PHP products
  • Process improvement: identifies key areas to improve over time to date with the latest trends and consumer demands in PHP projects.
  • Knowledge sharing: the best PHP consultants will share their knowledge with their fellow PHP programmers to ensure the optimum output for PHP development projects on the floor.

Where to find the best PHP consultants for hire?

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