Freelance PHP Programmer Vs. PHP Web Development Company

Over the decades, PHP has been the apple of the eye for software programmers and buyers who want to build a customized website for their products, services, or simply for their digital presence. While one thing is sure outsourcing PHP development is beneficial and thus common among all businesses, enterprises all over the world get trapped into a catch-22 situation wherein it is difficult to decide whether they should get a top freelance PHP programmer or the best PHP development company.

In this guide, we shall delve into freelance PHP programmer vs. PHP development services by an offshore software development company to know who gives you better benefits of PHP and how professional services can assure you the best quality software product in the end.

Advantages of PHP

The first thing first. The definition of PHP goes – an immensely popular server-side scripting computer programming language commonly used for website development. As compared to other languages, PHP web development has extra advantages of flexibility and versatility using which the final product provides a better user experience.

Other advantages of PHP include –

Open source and free: Being an open-source platform, PHP web development is more affordable as compared to other web-building programming. You don’t spend money on getting licensed software.

Strong community: PHP development services by any company or a freelancer would have fewer flaws and there won’t be delay in fixing any code bugs due to immense community support.


Scalability: Custom PHP development has the extra advantage of being versatile and flexible. Windows, Linux, macOS, and other platforms easily adapt PHP web without any hassles.

Database support: PHP web development has strong database support as you can easily integrate several databases such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MySQL to handle big data.

Freelance PHP programmer Vs. PHP web development company

There are ample advantages of outsourcing PHP development, and this practice has been there for the past several years. One of the most common practices for enterprises is to search for a freelance PHP programmer to build a website and run it smoothly. This could be an option for a raw and smaller project wherein your intention is just to have a website for the sake of having it.

In other words, if you are building a website merely to show your presence on the Internet with no plan to use it professionally to increase your sales and brand image, outsourcing PHP development services to a freelance PHP developer could be an option. On the other hand, if you want to leverage the best benefits of PHP development services, opting for a professional web development company to outsource your software project makes better business sense.

Here are some of the factors you need to keep in mind while deciding between a freelance PHP developer and a professional PHP development company.

Freelance PHP programmer

These are individuals or a team of individuals who work freely on the Internet. Sitting in any corner of the world, a freelance PHP programmer would be available for a project that is clearly defined and has a fixed scope. That said, you can outsource PHP development to a freelance programmer with a small project of web development with the least features and no professional significance.

Offshore PHP development company

PHP development services by an offshore web development company in countries such as India work more professionally and is more reliable in terms of meeting deadlines, standard prices, authenticity, and maintenance as support post-sales. There are many advantages of PHP development you can expect when your project is in professionals’ hands who are experienced and committed.

Primary factors to consider while outsourcing PHP development

There are many benefits of PHP in web development, but ultimately it depends on how you get it done – through freelancers or by having a professional web development company offshore. Here are a few important factors you must consider while thinking of custom PHP development to reach your business goals through engaging web apps that help you convert visitors into loyal customers:


Custom PHP development is what you want for your business. While freelance PHP programmer have limitations in including everything that you want in your web portals, a PHP web development company can do this job better. They have access to licensed tools and platforms to integrate anything in customization.


A freelance web developer is an independent individual with no association. Often, freelance PHP programmers working on your projects are not experts. Nor do they have any authentication. On the other hand, PHP web development services by a professional IT company has the right expertise and right mix of web development team. That said, if you find the best PHP consultants with references or from a search engine, you can see their reviews, portfolios, and addresses that prove their expertise and authenticity.

Deadlines and deliverables

Freelance PHP developers might miss deadlines because they work loosely. Also, it is difficult to establish communication with them because they are the only ones to contact. On the other hand, a PHP outsourcing company works professionally; when you sign a contract, the company gets you an estimation of deliverables and a specific time frame to complete the project. Furthermore, you have a couple of professionals to contact and get to know about the project.

Safety and Security

All professional PHP development companies are safe and secure to work with because they follow strict norms of NDAs and other formal documents to protect your project. On the other hand, freelance PHP programmers are individuals who are personally free to reveal any details of your project to other clients to acquire them

Post-sales services

Outsourcing PHP rapid application development to individuals as freelance programmers does not guarantee any post-sales support because such freelancers will be busy working on other projects. PHP development services from a registered IT company provide you with an option to maintain your website under a monthly or yearly contract. Post-sales services are important to update and keep your website functional.

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