Guide on How to Hire Java Developers in 2021

If you are a startup or a company that is always on the lookout to hire java programmer for project needs related to java application development, then this blog is for you.

First of all, to hire a Java programmer, you need to analyze the vertical you are hiring for, because that would determine the skills you would be looking for. Here are some of the tried and tested techniques to find and hire a Java programmer.

Understand, Every Java Programmer May Not Deliver the Same Service

Java has been used universally for a long time, with 2020 marking the 25th anniversary of its public use. Few languages have been adopted among developers as widespread as Java. So, if you advertise an opening, you will get a lot of applications. It’s important to mention, though, that there’s a high chance their CVs will not cater to your business needs because the Java language is only part of the package.

Java Programmer

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The language has been extended to develop powerful and scalable applications, which are part of what’s known as Java Enterprise Edition. Java EE includes technologies that solve complex problems with integrations that enable it to run independently and with no regard to the platform.

So, if you are working on a layered project, say, databases, web APIs, business layer, etc., then you must specify Java EE in your requirements.

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To Hire Java Programmer Conduct an Online Java Test

You can either conduct a live coding round or a proctored online test, but it mainly boils down to the volume of applications and how intensive you want your hiring process to be. The proctored tests shall help you get an insight into the software developer coding practices, proficiency in Java, and problem-solving skills.

To Hire Java Programmer Conduct an Online Java Test

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Live coding is a way out but a time-taking affair if you want to go in-depth and assign the candidate questions with complicated solving methods. This process can only test the basic levels of Java language applications but will ensure zero plagiarism, and you will understand how the java programmer approaches the problem and their ideology.

Plan Your Interview

Since Java has been around for a long time, you will find java programmers with varying age groups applying for the position. Simply because their resume mentions the word “Java” doesn’t make them expert programmer. Hence, you must create a plan that targets Hire Java Programmers who know their trade well. The least you can do is:

  • Have a sit-down with your HR, and design a practical hiring process.
  • Decide on the number of rounds you can conduct, and try not to overwhelm the software developer.
  • Keep your end goals in mind, and ask questions that judge the software programmer for knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • For all the non-technical aspects, judge them for their flexibility and can-do attitude. Leadership quality, again, is a must if you’re looking for someone to lead a team.

If you ask the right questions, you’ll save yourself from a failed hire.

Evaluate Skill Level of Java Programmer

There are various ways through which you can identify an experienced software developer, and if you think you know what to look for, the candidate just might surprise you. So for all the things that should make a hiring team drool, take a look at all the reputed certifications. Oracle certifications, for instance, should never be ignored. Only the most serious Java programmers take it, and whether they are Certified Associate, Professional, Expert, or Master, try not to reject without an interview.

Also, you should always ask them for their previous projects or simply take a look at their portfolio. The software developer track record will tell you a great deal about how suitable they will be for your business requirements.

As previously mentioned, proctored coding tests also separate skilled software developers from the crowd, but you can take it a step further. Ask the applicant to build you a piece of software or any product that directly applies to your business, and give them a couple of days to see what you will get if that applicant were to be onboarded. The ones who are not serious about your offer won’t even try, and you will be saving a lot of your time.

Hire Java Programmers who are Team Players

Developing something is not a one-person job, and hence, a Java programmer needs to gel with others in the team and work as a single body. Now, “team player” is more than a non-technical aspect. We are going beyond cultural fitness and looking for someone who aligns with the accepted coding practices.

So, while you are scoring the java programmer based on their skills, do see whether they belong in your team. The egoistic ones will give you a hard time in the long run.

They Should Be Able To Leverage Java Frameworks

Again, as already mentioned, Java can be used to develop more than just web and mobile apps, and making it usable requires experience in a wide range of Java frameworks. Popular options include Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Maven, etc.

The Java programmer may be experienced in a specific framework but not the one you require. Here, you have the option to either reject the programmer or see if you’re willing to train them. For the ones that are already proficient in the required framework, ensure they can design, develop, and integrate the tools of your choice.

Ask In-Depth Questions about Java Application Development

The personal interviews are not just about the job seeker answering the questions asked to them. As an employer, as much as you want to understand the candidate, they want to know about your organization. So, going out of context is a mistake. Try to make them comfortable, but a “Tell me about yourself” is expected and well-prepared for. Also, it’s probably already on their resume.

Ask In-Depth Questions about Java Application Development

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Moreover, remember you are hiring Java programmers. Don’t ask the applicant questions which better suit a JavaScript or Python developer. After all, what’s the point of asking something that is irrelevant and won’t contribute toward hiring the right professional?

Responsible questions would go something along the lines of “How would you go about synchronizing multiple threads meant to start at the same time?” or “How would you solve the producer-consumer problem?”.

You can also ask them about their recent projects and their approach and technologies used.

Conduct Multiple Interviews

You are not simply hiring a team or a single dev — you are looking for people you will have to deal with regularly. The interviews may be painful, but you need multiple rounds to understand whether the applicant recognizes your requirements.

The most basic development skills might involve their experience with OOP, data structures, and algorithms.

As for tools, it depends on your business. but Corona SDK, Hibernate, Spring, ORMLite, Android Studio are in popular demand. Again, for web app development, wireframing, UI, and cConcept design are also what you should be looking at.

Advertise Your Opening Where Developers Are Most Active

Apart from posting the vacancy on LinkedIn, you can choose to talk to the prospects directly. There are various online forums, hubs, and groups where Java programmers flock to share their code and discuss.

The best way to advertise would be to go where they live. The richest resource would be GitHub. Everyone uses it, and it also does the job of acting as their portfolio of sorts. There’s also Stack Overflow, where programmers turn to for advice on all languages. Both of them have their online job boards, which you can leverage for your hiring venture.

Create New Avenues for the Team

People like to stay in companies that offer them long-term growth and stability. Hence, offer them paid courses to learn something new and add value to your company. It’s when they’ll upskill themselves, they’ll help in taking your company to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Java has a long lineage but what makes it unique is that it continues to grow. The language keeps evolving, and there are always new extensions that cater to a different problem. Hire Java developer who has adapted to Java’s evolution, and has the perfect attitude toward its development. So, for a company building a CMS platform or mobile and web apps, we hope this guide could help find you the perfect Java programmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the reasons why Java Developers should be hired:
– Object-Oriented Programming Language (OOP)
– Simplicity
– Intelligent development environments (IDEs)

Hiring java developers might range between $19 and $40 per hour.

Outsourcing your Java project may be the best option for the following reasons:
– Assist You in Saving Money
– Collaborate with Active Problem-Solvers
– Improved Quality Control
– Improve Your Time to Market

The credibility of a Java Developer can be confirmed by checking the Java skills during the screening step, as well as the previous projects completed.

Java includes a plethora of libraries, frameworks, tools, IDEs, and server providers. It is beneficial to an organisation to have options, even if only to use it as a bargaining tool when negotiating a price. The language lends itself to code quality tools that allow business standards to be enforced.

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Guide on How to Hire Java Programmers: INFOGRAPHIC

Guide on How to Hire Java Programmers in 2021