Java Development - Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you know about Java?

Java is known to be one of the most popular programming languages of our times. It is a general-purpose computer programming language, and it has received popularity for being object oriented, concurrent and class based. The language has been in existence for over 2 decades, but its compelling characteristics and continuous evolution have kept it current. Enum, Generics, Autoboxing and others are some of the few groundbreaking changes that have come about in this platform over time. No wonder; many experts believe that Java is one of the best programming languages ever created.

People, new to the field of software development, tend to be confused about which programming language to specialize in. If one had to go by the popularity of a programming language, Java would certainly be the front-runner. However, Java also outscores other languages in terms of job opportunities for new programmers. That justifies the increasing number of young java programmers who want to learn this language.

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Where is Java used?

So, what is Java generally used for? Oracle suggests that over 3 billion apps, devices and websites run Java. That is a massive number, and tells us that there must be some highly useful and relevant application of Java as a programming language. Here are some of the most common applications of Java programming language:

  • Android Apps Development

You will be surprised to note that a lot of the apps you use on your Android phone are written in Java programming language. That tells you a lot about the potential that still waits to be realized. Most popular apps in Google PlayStore are Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin, FlipKart.

  • Web Application Development

Another industry where Java finds its heavy use and application is the writing of web apps and E-Commerce apps / websites. With the advancement of E-Commerce, the scope has only broaden. E.g. SAP, NetSuite, Alfresco, Liferay, Youtube, Google, Netflix, Mifox (Banking solution) etc.

  • Big Data

Companies are now juggling with large amounts of data. Big Data Management tools like Hadoop make use of Java in several ways. E.g. Apache Spark, Elastic Search (ELK), Cassandra, HBASE etc.

  • Others

There are lots of software tools as well as development tools that are written in Java to make the software development task very easy.

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Advantages of Java Development

Now that we have spoken about Java’s popularity, let us also discuss about the reasons that make Java programming popular.

  • Learning Curve

There is an extremely short learning curve with Java as it is easy to write, compile, debug, than other major programming languages like C++, Objective-C, C#. That’s a huge benefit, because this ensures that Java programmers become productive in an extremely short span of time. Aside from that, what also makes Java more appealing is its fluent English-like syntax. This means that it is easy to read the logic.

  • Object Oriented Programming

Here comes another interesting advantage of using Java. This allows you to create modular programs and reusable code keeping the system extensible as well as flexible.

  • Rich APIs

Java offers APIs for various activities like Database connection, networking, I/O, XML parsing, utilities, and much more.

  • Powerful Opensource Rapid Development Tools

Large numbers of opensource development tools that use Java have made Java an even more powerful option for developers i.e. Eclipse and Netbeans. They are extremely strong platforms and have contributed effectively in making Java what it is today. It makes coding simpler, and provides extremely powerful capabilities for debugging.

  • Open Source Libraries

The large number of open source libraries and well matured with industrial support have also ensured that Java gets to be used everywhere. Some of these libraries have been contributed by many popular organizations like Apache, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. That makes Java even more popular.

  • Free

How could we miss on this point? When it comes to development, we are today faced with intense competition. Many small and medium enterprises want their software development and/or web app development done for their businesses, but they don’t really have a big budget for that. With Java being free, it makes it cost effective.

  • Community Support

Finally, there is extensive community support that Java has managed to muster. That goes a long way in helping new Java developers learn the art and become productive soon.

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Disadvantages of Java Development

Along with advantages, you will always come across disadvantages of any platform. It is same in case of Java too. 🙂 There are some disadvantages that you will find on the way. Here’s a compilation of some of the drawbacks of using Java:

  • Java compiler is not well optimized yet compared to C++.
  • There is no separation of specification from implementation.
  • Memory management, with Java, is a little expensive.
  • The lack of templates can limit the ability of Java to create high quality data structures.
  • One can find some bugs in browsers and example programs.

What you need to note is that these are some of the disadvantages that are found with most programming languages. They are not unique to Java. However, having information of these disadvantages will help you use Java more constructively.

Reasons to Learn Java Development

So, what are the reasons that you should learn Java? Some of the advantages above will give you a good idea of why you should learn Java. Here’s a recap of that:

  • Popularity

We mentioned earlier that Java is extremely popular in the industry. Therefore, learning Java will make sure that you get associated with one of the most popular programming languages around.

  • Job Opportunities

Now that the language is popular, more companies are making use of this programming language. That in turn means that some of the top companies are always looking to hire Java programmers be it in-house or offshore or onshore.

  • Diversification

Once you learn Java, you can diversify into the programming world by learning new languages.

  • Easy to Learn

We mentioned earlier that the learning curve with Java is short. Hence, you become more productive sooner.

  • Various Uses

As we noted above, there are a large number of uses that Java is currently put to. Depending upon your likes and preferences, you can specialize in one or more of those industries.

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In conclusion, Java is turning out to be the language of choice. As a new programmer, it is just the right stepping stone for you. Not only it is easy to learn, it opens up job opportunities for you too. Most clients love to have their software tools and apps written in Java, and you could be the skilled developer that this industry needs.


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