Mobile App Performance in 2024

Before we delve into mobile app performance, let us see some impressive figures that indicate the mightiness of the mobile world today.

With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% between 2023 and 2030 stated by Grandview Research, the global mobile app market size would change the dynamics of economies and businesses worldwide.

The mobile app market has already contributed a whopping 206.85 billion dollars in 2022 and is likely to skyrocket with immense popularity across various types of mobile app development in healthcare, entertainment, networking, eCommerce, and other mobile app development.

While there are many other figures and stats available for mobile apps, there is only one reason behind such promising growth – mobile app performance. In this short yet useful guide, we will discuss what is needed in mobile app performance in 2024, what you need to expect from a business app, and how to improve a mobile app performance to keep it up to the mark.

What is mobile app performance?

The job of creating a customized mobile application does not end with designing, developing, and deploying. The making of software solutions includes the overall care of the digital product as a complete mobile app development solution to sustain the market and benefit enterprises with its functionalities.

Just like humans, mobile apps are also expected to perform in their functionalities and usefulness. That said, a simple definition of mobile app performance is how it performs technically and to some extent from a user’s point of view. While this definition isn’t new, what makes mobile app performance in 2024 a bit different is the change we notice in users’ expectations and market trends. With the advent of contemporary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Voice Optimization, and many more, the mobile app performance in 2024 is likely to be more demanding.

Mobile App Performance Checklist

Why is mobile app performance important?

With one in every two mobile applications getting uninstalled within a month of their downloads, it is essential that your mobile app not only remains on users’ smartphones but also finds its way to the home screen for daily usage. It is said that a one-second delay can lose nearly 10% of total visitors from a mobile application and, therefore, you need to improve mobile performance in a way that the users find the required information or content quickly and clearly.

From a business point of view, mobile app performance is paramount. Statistics show that nearly half of the users jump ship in favor of your competitors if your app does not meet their expectations. In a way, if you don’t optimize a mobile app performance for your users’ convenience, you are helping your rivals.

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Reasons for Mobile Application Performance Monitoring in 2024

Modern-day users and customers have less time to pay attention to mobile applications’ functionalities, and if the application they have on their smartphone does not perform the way they want such as delayed loading time, complex user interface (UI), difficult navigation, compromised security, ambiguous searches, and the like, they are likely to leave the application and uninstall the app.

Regular mobile app performance monitoring in 2024 will assure you that your application is running smoothly and meeting all the expectations of present-day customers with high hopes and less patience.

Mobile Application Performance Monitoring

Identifying and solving issues

Most business applications have a facility for users to provide feedback or suggestions. Periodic mobile app performance monitoring will help you fix the issues raised by customers or end users. Any glitch in the app’s functionalities reported by customers can be quickly handled by identifying them during performance checks.

Optimizing User Experience (UX)

With a separate checklist of user experience optimization such as speed, design, and functionalities, your app can get immense benefits for its performance. Asking stakeholders and testing it by your mobile app development and maintenance teams will improve the mobile app.


A periodic check on compliances will also benefit us in improving mobile app performance. With newer sets of rules and regulations in 2024 for digital content and mobile application platforms such as Google Play and Apple Store, mobile application monitoring following such compliances will keep your app safer.

Security issues

Mobile app performance in 2024 shall also emphasize on security and safety of user data. Regular mobile application performance monitoring will help you fix any security issues and hence improve the overall functionalities. Trust is a major driving force for any app’s success in 2024 and beyond. It’s essential to fix any security issues that may worry users.

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How to improve mobile app performance?

To enhance mobile application performance in 2024, you need to focus on four primary factors. These factors make or break your mobile app’s functionalities and, therefore, constant checks on these will assure you that your product is not only safe but also loved by end users.

Improve Mobile App Performance

Application size

The size of the software affects mobile app performance. The smaller the size, the better the performance; nevertheless, if a business application holds enormous amounts of data, the size cannot be kept small. For this, the application should use several tricks to improve application response time. Optimizing mobile app performance is possible through –

  • Fewer unique objects on the page, fewer HTTP requests on apps
  • Removal of heavy components such as Flash
  • Reducing cookie sizes
  • Optimizing screen rendering

Application UI/UX

The user interface (UI) should be optimized to provide the best User Experience (UX). Ergonomically designed UI components and action buttons will help you improve mobile app functionalities. To meet modern customer needs, ensure your 2024 app aligns with the latest design trends.

  • Rise of voice user interface (VUI) and AI
  • AR/VR integration
  • Cross-platform development
  • Sustainable and immersive design
  • Adoption of dark mode and minimalistic design
  • Optimized design for micro-interactions

Application security

Mobile app performance in 2024 shall largely depend on the app’s security measures and multi-tier safety arrangements. Anti-tempering features in mobile applications are likely to arrive in 2024 and beyond. It is essential for a periodic check on mobile apps’ functioning. Some of the latest security measures you can opt for include –

  • Code obfuscation
  • Check-summing
  • Digital signature
  • Session handling tokens
  • Safe APIs
  • Blockchain or new-age encryption tools

Application updates

Updating applications is a key factor in ensuring the best mobile app performance. Regular app updates optimize the device OS for peak features and functionality. Also, application update gives you a chance to improve the app’s performance by fixing bugs, removing unnecessary cache files, and implementing newer coding practices.

With application updates, you inform users or end customers that you care for them and want to provide them with the latest features of mobile apps.

Mobile app performance monitoring tools

To measure mobile app performance accurately, you need to consider some specialized app testing tools. Mobile users of the present day are more vigil, aware, and conscious about the apps they install. They have high expectations but less patience. These tools are engineered to help you simulate real-world scenarios and offer you deep insight into the app’s behavior. Some of the best mobile app performance monitoring tools in 2024 include:

  • Xcode instruments
  • Android profiler
  • Firebase performance monitoring

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