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Development talent today is in more demand than ever before, and for good reason. As the Internet continues to gain popularity and reach more users, more and more businesses are looking to bank on the opportunities created by the adoption of technology. In today’s business landscape, having a delightful website and a mobile app is not optional for businesses that want to grow. While outsourcing development is a great option for small businesses that don’t specialize in technology, other businesses may benefit more from the exclusivity that comes with hiring dedicated developers. Having said that, the absence of the right expertise can prove to be a challenge in hiring the right dedicated developers for a project. Among other things, this expertise largely depends on being updated with the latest development trends.

These trends outline customer expectations, which, in turn, highlight the programming languages and technologies that will be in high demand in the coming months and years.

At the same time, these trends also help businesses to determine dedicated developers for hire with domain expertise, implementing industry best practices and technological excellence.

Let’s look at some of the developer skills that are expected to be in high demand this year:

  • JavaScript Development Skills

Javascript, despite having been around for decades, continues to be widely used. Almost every website on the web uses Javascript in some shape or form.

Having said that, JavaScript is not a single programming language but is made up of different frameworks that offer different development capabilities. Frameworks like Angular and React are well known, and in high demand, for front-end development needs. Similarly, frameworks like Node are in incredibly high demand for server-side programming.

Depending on their specific development need, a business will need some kind of JavaScript specialist on their team of dedicated developers. In some cases, even hiring multiple JavaScript developers that specialize in different frameworks may be preferable.

  • HTML And CSS

HTML and CSS are considered the building blocks of every website. Naturally, businesses building dedicated development teams will require talent that is well-versed with HTML and CSS programming.

While HTML is used to give structure to a web page using tags, CSS defines how HTML tags should be formatted. In other words, CSS controls how the content on a website will appear when viewed on different devices. For instance, CSS allows web developers to specify that H1 tags should appear in bold font.

No matter how many new technologies are introduced, it is expected that HTML and CSS will continue to be used to determine the structure and styling of web pages. That’s why, for businesses building dedicated development teams, it is a good idea to look for HTML and CSS developers.

  • Python

The Python programming language was introduced back in 1991. Despite being around for more than three decades, Python is being used to work with revolutionary technologies today. Major players like Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, and Intel are working with Python.

Python’s popularity doesn’t just come from its ability to enable cutting-edge technologies. It is also popular because of the ease of coding it offers, along with extensive Python libraries and frameworks that allow for the quick development of a variety of applications.

In application, Python can be used to develop AI-enabled applications, websites, and even has applications in Data Science.

  • Kotlin

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language and it is a popular choice for developing Android applications. More than a million developers use Kotlin every month for their professional work.

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Kotlin is that it enables more efficient development. As compared to Java, it uses up to 20% less code and the language is completely interoperable.

Businesses aiming to expand their reach through an Android app should prioritize hiring dedicated developers with expertise in Kotlin development. When looking to hire Android developers, proficiency in Kotlin is crucial for ensuring the successful development of an app that meets modern standards and delivers an exceptional user experience.

  • R Programming Language

R is a programming language that has a myriad of applications in Data Science and Data Analysis tasks. It is a programming language used for statistical programming and the graphical representation of numbers.

Since it is an object-oriented programming language, R enables efficient development. The language is supported by an extensive library of interactive graphics, making it easier to design informative and interactive experiences.

Businesses that are looking to enjoy the true benefits of data mining and analysis should definitely have developers with expertise in R as part of their development roster.

Having said that, there is a serious shortage of good R developers in the market. Businesses with little or no experience in hiring development talent should expect to struggle to find the right talent unless they have expert help with hiring dedicated developers.

Moreover, companies should also prepare themselves for the higher salaries commanded by the good R developers available in the market.

  • PHP

PHP is among the first server-side programming languages but it still continues to enjoy a lot of popularity. This is primarily because as compared to other scripting languages, PHP offers more speed and versatility. Another reason that makes PHP popular is the security it offers for apps built using the scripting language.

This is perhaps the reason giants like Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP on their own websites.

Businesses that want to build applications and websites in 2024 will need at least one PHP developer on their team. Thankfully, PHP is considered a relatively easier programming language to learn. Since it has been around for so long, there is no shortage of dedicated PHP developers available for hire.


Every decision taken while building an offshore software development team is dictated by projects that the team is expected to work on. The technologies and programming languages mentioned in this article are simply some of the most popular. This will probably be used in most projects that undergo development this year. We hope that this information will help you make the right choice when deciding the roster of their development team.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should hire a dedicated developer because of below-mentioned reasons:
– Experience in development
– Dedication and self-sufficiency
– Improved communication
– Concerns about security
– Working Resources
It is a simple and less expensive technique to attain development goals in a short period of time with accuracy and high-end results.
When engaging an offshore development team, it is advisable to adhere to specific best practices in all aspects:
– Choosing the appropriate resources.
– Ascertain that communication channels are open and secure.
– The appropriate tools and procedures.
– Time management is essential.
Any business with extensive expertise dealing with the offshore development model would be trustworthy and an Agile development company would be a great option.
Hiring specialised developers has a number of advantages. Some of the benefits are shown below.
– Take command of your project
– Helps in quality control
– Access to developers who are skilled and experienced
– The cost is fixed
– You will have a number of developers working with you

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