How we expect IT outsourcing to change in 2014?

Outsourcing is gradually becoming an integral part of global companies. These organizations are realizing that outsourcing holds immense value for their overall business prospects. While the trend of outsourcing picked up some years back, the real impetus has been received only lately. It has gone through its fair share of hiccups and impediments on the way; however, it seems that companies, economies, and governments have become willing to adopt it as a seamless part of business structures around the world.

Samsung Galaxy S5’s Fingerprint Scanner Is Susceptible to Spoofing Hack – Here are more details!!

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been in the news for numerous innovative applications. They have come up with things that people never knew existed. One of the crucial aspects of the smart phone’s functionality is its fingerprint scanner. It is said to enhance the security of the phone and attach an element of ease to the process.

Why WEBLINEINDIA for ASP.NET development?

The synchronization of ASP.NET and Weblineindia proposes such a combination. ASP.NET is a server-side web application framework. Developers are making use of this technology in order to construct dynamic web pages. Experts are of the opinion that ASP.NET offers superior performance attributes, and it outscores some of its contemporaries purely because of the dynamism, appeal and stability that it lends to web pages.

Here are some tips to help you monetize your mobile applications

Let us get to know a little more about mobile applications. These are mediums through which people can perform various functions. They can satisfy their needs for entertainment or socializing or business or more. As a mobile app developer, this can be a great opportunity for you to connect with your customers and engage them over the long term. While all of this seems to be clear and evident, what is challenging is to monetize your mobile applications.

Top 5 cloud based data hosting options for mobile applications

The advent of Big Data has changed the way things were performed in the world of business. The most affected sector in business processes is that of the storage and retrieval of data. Mobile applications have been a part of the revolution, and their presence on the cloud is of significant help to the developers. Mobile app developers are making most of the available scalability, and managing to add complex features to their apps.

Protect yourself against the ‘HEART BLEED’ openssl bug

The ‘Heart Bleed’ OpenSSL bug has created many security concerns. People are unsure of whether their accounts have been compromised or if they need to take any action. It is imperative to garner pertinent information about the bug and the affected group to better understand the situation.

Top 5 Magento Extensions for 2014

Having an E-Commerce store is a great idea. It allows you the opportunity to increase your products’ reach. In other words, your store doesn’t have to be confined to a location any more. It can sell to people, from around the globe, at any time of the day. That is the power of selling over the internet. However, the real challenge is not to set up a store. The challenge actually is to get your eCommerce store to work.

10 Facebook communities that Mobile and Web developers must join

The social media is an exceptional medium to connect with people. Since its advent, users have found means through which they can network with their friends and family. All of us have a story of how we found one or more of our school friends, or someone we had not been in touch with for long, via the social media. However, business professionals need to look beyond just friends and family. This social platform is presenting a myriad of opportunities for professionals to engage with their peers, clients, prospective customers, etc.

5 Apps that are set to Enchant Mobile users in April 2014

There seems to be no dearth of applications. Even before you sense a need, a new application is launched to address it. That is the power of mobile apps. We feel like having lost the count of the number of applications that have hit the market already. However, we know for sure that the number would be overwhelming. If you are among those people who look forward to innovative mobile applications, here is a brief account of the top 5 apps, ones that we think will receive high popularity.

A Day of Complete Fun & Enjoyment

‘Extraordinary’, ‘fun’, and ‘memorable’ were some words that one could hear as Weblineindia’s troops headed back to their homes after a day of frantic excitement and fun. Retaining its promise of organizing a thrilling trip each year, Weblineindia drove its employees and their spouse with kids to Ajwa Fun World & Water Park. Based in Vadodara, the place is recognized for its adrenaline rushing rides and activities. It was certainly a day that de-stressed all Weblineindians, and inspired them to look forward to another year of hard work, success and accomplishments.

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