Top 5 Linkedin Communities for PHP and .NET developers

Linkedin is believed to be one of the best professional networking platforms. Networking has always been important for professionals, but since the advent of LinkedIn it has made it possible for everyone to network professionally. Given that it is performed via the internet, one can connect with one’s professional network without leaving one’s chair. This piece of content aspires to inform you about the top Linkedin communities that you can participate in, if you are a PHP or .NET developer.

7 critical robust marketing questions to raise before hiring a website designer

A highly responsive and stunning website can be built only by a professional website designer. However, it is essential that he is fully aware of the 7 critical marketing queries that a client may raise while hiring his services. Whether it is designing a new website or updating the existing one, both must be done in right way. Here are the 7 straight forward questions to be asked or discussed by a client while hiring precise website designing services:

Our Comprehensive Process of Website Development

We, at Weblineindia, believe that an exhaustive process is the first step towards success. This is especially the case with website development, a task where various integrated activities have to come together to generate impeccable results. Our website development process is broken down into 5 integrated yet individually important phases.

5 Attractive Upcoming Mobile Trends

Mobile technology is evolving rapidly with the cutting edge competition. Everything has now comprised to this small device called ‘mobile’. It is beyond one’s imagination how far the mobile technology has come in the past 5 years! Now, the use of smart phones has shifted from professionals to the global audience. In 2014, 1.75 billion of the population uses a smart phone. This is because mobile phones have made life of an individual extremely easy. With this small gadget people can pay bills online, make purchases, interact with others via social media, watch movies, research on web etc.

9 Rational Trends Of Ecommerce Marketing In 2014

In the last decade, e-commerce has made its long way. Technology is advancing rapidly. E-commerce stores are harnessing modernized functions to make web shopping a fun for customers. Most online retailers have come up with guest blogging, responsive designs, improving site performance and website optimization. With the development in social networking, analytics, mobile, personalization and big data, new trends have emerged in e-commerce. Let us have a look on the most common changes that are expected to occur in e-commerce marketing:

Top Responsive Web Design Frameworks

Responsive websites have become the talk of the town. An increasing number of web developers are now instructed to develop sites that can respond to the size of the screen on which they are being viewed. So, what exactly is a responsive web design framework? In simple terms, this framework is a culmination of standardized codes. All these codes can be utilized during different phases of the web design process in order to develop a robust and reliable responsive website.

Choosing the best Magento eCommerce development company

The world of the twenty first century belongs to technology. The world has come to terms with the transition that technology has brought about in the last couple of decades, and there is more on its way. One of the major developments in technology has been that of the internet. The internet has transformed the way in which people connected, communicated, did business, networked, gained information, marketed, etc. This metamorphosis has heralded numerous benefits.

The Revolutionary Future Of E-Commerce And M-Commerce In The Next Five Years

In the next five years, mobile commerce will immensely dominate the market than what it is today. It is forecasted that the use of desktop PC will drop continuously even though PC makers incorporate exclusive functionalities and design like touch screen mobile phones in the upcoming PC or laptop models. Over these advanced PCs, consumers will prefer to buy wearable computers like Smartwatches or Smartglasses. Consumers will buy “Internet of Things” for their home as well as car which mean web-connected devices.

Java API Legal Ruling Could Change Coding Forever- Still Many More Litigation To Come Before The Final Verdict!

The arising question regarding Oracle vs. Google Java copyright lawsuit ruling in Washington, D.C., held on May 9 is whether the ruling is a headstrong blow against the routine procedures to save time and workload in software development or not? It might be! If this ruling ultimately holds upright then it will lead in upsetting majority of the developers in the market who looked over their shoulders each time whenever they used an API, interfaces used by apps to communicate with other applications, for some open-source development project or who wished to opt for a short cut to re-enter, copy or paste any routine code.

Revolution 2014 – Microsoft Brings A Competitive Change In Its Services, Products, And Partnerships For A Mobile-First Cloud-First World

Microsoft was founded in 1975 under the chairmanship of Bill Gates. This multinational tech corporation is best known for the launch of Windows Operating System. In the last decade, Microsoft has played a flabbergasting role in shaping and incrementing the Internet user experience. It has an old hand in bringing unbeatable development in products, games and software and hence dominates the market of tech innovations. It proved its distinct innovative skills with the launch of Bing in 2009.

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