Go the ecommerce way through Bigcommerce

You have merchandise and you are not ready to go through the ordeal of having to search for shops and designing it, pay out your right hand along with the shoulder as rent and more of such nitty-gritty Bigcommerce is the perfect solution. With our help you can create and design your e-store and display your merchandise just by sitting in front of your laptop.

Major Factors to Follow In Order To Get The Highest ROI in Mobile App Development

The advancement in Smartphones has evolved the demand of mobile users. An individual looks at his mobile phone as a platform to mingle with various applications. With this enhanced demand, mobile app development has become a new center of attraction for many IT companies. Developers as well as businesses, both look forward to earn highest returns on investment in the near future and within a short span by indulging in mobile app development.

Unimaginable Evolution Of Web Development In 2014

Web development has faced remarkable evolution in the past 5 years. It is needless saying what future holds for this sector! Very soon web development will reach a level beyond anyone’s imagination. None is unaware about the peculiar prominence that Smartphones and tablets have gained during 2013. Companies who have built these web apps with unmatched approach deserve a standing ovation for their innovation. 2013 was a transition duration for Smartphones and tablets.

Choosing the right mobile app partner

Mobile application development is the talk of the town. Many small and large businesses are realizing the value of developing impeccable mobile apps. If you are planning to connect with an app development partner, there are various things that you need to consider. There are hundreds and thousands of app developers out there in the market, and it is your prerogative to select the right one. A single mistake in the selection process can cost you thousands of dollars.


Technology’s makes man’s life easier and more comfortable. Earlier the latest possession was the laptop, which we could take anywhere we liked. Well the size has shrunk to palm tops now with all the amenities of the laptop like internet browsing, using office software tools, and editing a photograph, reading a newspaper and what not. Yes the reference is to your mobile phone which began its history with a call and an SMS and a few odd games but the ‘tsunami’ change brought about by the two digits (0&1) has made convergence possible and the mobile phone has “avatar(ed)” to the smart phone enabling us to carry our virtual worlds in our pockets.

Online Marketing Battle : Facebook Marketing vs Google AdWords

Facebook and Google have come to play an efficient role in the online marketing ground. Facebook is the most popular social networking website where Google is the most powerful search engine. Online marketers use Facebook for branding and Google AdWords to generate leads for their business. But now, it can often be difficult for advertisers to decide, which is better for paid marketing (advertising), Facebook or Google where they should focus their attention.

Research and Analysis: A must for app developers to sustain in the market

Smart phones have become a way of life for the children, youth and old alike and a replacement for many of the older media after digitalization has made the “phone” an amalgamation of all the older media forms and more. All thanks to “application soft wares” (apps as is popularly known to all of us) we have a very popular time pass and an easier and faster way of doing things so much so that in 2010 “app” was listed as “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society. In fact a study in the US revealed that the maximum number of ads noticed in smart phones is in apps!

Top 5 WordPress plugins you should be using in 2014

Plugins have come to play an important role in the development of websites. They add a new dimension to the websites and help developers in achieving specific objectives of theirs. In this blog, we aspire to speak about five different plugins. These are all very popular plugins and play different roles for the developers. In terms of choice-making, we decided to select different types of plugins to share here today. Hence, there are some which are interesting and there are others which are here purely on the basis of their functional merit.

The changing patterns of mobile development after the advent of iOS 8

With its 24 year old history Apple WWDC did not let down its fans this year. Amidst speculations of what new hardware carnival WWDC 2014 might unfold Apple brought a pleasant surprise with a new bag of software goodies that promise to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile devices. Apple this year announced two software developments – iOS 8 and OS X and the developer tools that bring them to life which includes a new programming language, Swift. Apple claims that iOS 8 is the biggest release since the launch of the App Store.

Magento launches new magento community edition 1.9 & enterprise edition 1.14

Magento announced the two new user interfaces – New Magento Community Edition 1.9 and Enterprise Edition 1.14 in Imagine 2014 the Global e-commerce conference in Las Vegas, USA organized by Magento, the premiere eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world’s leading brands. The aim behind introducing the two new user interfaces by Magento is that it wants to make the process of e-commerce for its clients a better and more fruitful experience using which they can make their businesses grow.

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