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PhpStorm is a commercial, cross-platform IDE for PHP, built by JetBrains. Let’s have a look at some of the features that are added in the latest PhpStorm 8 version.

Huge platforms have different payment methods and apple is also having Apple pay. But the matter of discussion here is the pitfalls and opportunities related to it and how it can impact the entire industry.

Wondering how the iPhone app developer your business? To answer this, we have covered the benefits iPhone app developer provides to grow your business.

Microsoft has recently launched its latest version of Microsoft Windows 10. Here are some of the business benefits which you can derive by switching to Windows 10.

We have app developed in a wide range of services. Here are the top 5 apps developed, though, that have received the most favorable audience response.

Appcelerator studio released an update to the SDK and Studio for its open-source mobile app development platform. Find more information in this blogpost.

Officials had released version 8 of the Java programming language and an eagerness for its next release has already been raised among the community of developers.

Are you worried about outsourcing software development? In this article, we are going to discuss all those aspects of outsourcing that might be of interest to you.

iOS 8 has been finally released. iPhone users and fans alike are excited about the changes that might be incorporated into the new OS. Read what’s new in this OS.

Google is coming up with a new version of Android called Android L. However, rumors are surrounding that partnership of Google with Nestle will name this upgraded version as Android Lion.

Apple Watch is one of the most spoken about technologies in recent times. Read this post to know how apple watch app development brings a new way to be creative.

The world of technology is transforming, and mobile is emerging as one of the most sought after platforms. Small, medium as well as large organizations are all relying on mobile development to drive growth and achieve marketing objectives.